Infamous 2: Get Sly Cooper's Cane

IGN: Infamous 2 is one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusives of 2011. Developed by Sucker Punch, Infamous 2 once again follows the super-powered Cole MacGrath. Cole's upcoming adventure will be available in stores in two different forms: a standard retail box and also the Hero Edition, which includes a Cole MacGrath statue, soundtrack, and extra in-game content. But that's not all.

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Nitrowolf23532d ago

that reaper skin looks awesome

TheLastGuardian3528d ago

I was hoping the hero edition came with a replica of Sly's cane. Maybe in Sly 4's Collectors edition?

I'm getting the inFamous 2 Hero Edition from Amazon with $20 off from buying L.A. Noire.

TheKindRoost3532d ago

I hate it when they do this. Stuff that could easily be unlock able in-game rewards instead of marketing tools like back in the previous gens. I blame trophies for killing in-game rewards.

SpaceFox3532d ago

Sly's cane huh? Why do I have a feeling Sly 4 is just around the corner?

The cane and sword look awesome though, better than the cattle prod for sure.

Nate-Dog3532d ago


Jack-H3532d ago

*grits teeth* .... I wants me that cane...

SoapShoes3532d ago

They have, it's a teaser trailer in the end of the Sly Collection.

Nate-Dog3531d ago

It hasn't been formally announced, I mean we know it's coming now thankfully but SP haven't peeped a single word about it themselves or about it's development.

jwk943532d ago

so we get those and the goodies previously announced?

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