New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Cripples Flashed DVD Drives

With the newly dashboard update rolling out today on the Xbox 360, players who owns a flashed DVD drives will be crippled today as they will no longer be able to play burned games.

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Misterhbk3166d ago

HA! And the pirates take another hit! I don't own an xbox but anything that hurts the hackers is a plus to me!

iamnsuperman3166d ago

So True. Sneaky Microsoft but good the industry cannot bow down to hackers

Max_Dissatisfaction3166d ago

Nothing sneaky about it...this has been known for weeks now

Kurt Russell3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

It means my spare xbox which I repaired with a new DVD drive (had to flash to make it compatible) will no longer be able to play online :(

May as well set it up to pirate games and play offline instead.

AAACE53165d ago

(voice of the bully from the simpsons)


Parasyte3165d ago

@Kurt Russell
If you download the update, you won't just be unable to play online, that particular console won't be able to play games period. It won't read the discs, you will only get a disc read error or disc unsupported error.

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rodeoo3166d ago

Come on will be hacked in less then a month. C4eva(the number 1 360 firmware hacker) says he already has it cracked.

Paralex3165d ago

Exactly. Don't know why people are celebrating this.

xPhearR3dx3165d ago

The fact that they can still play pirated games by staying offline doesn't really help at all. Playing pirated games online may slow down or even come to an end for a little while, but there will be a work around and people who don't update can always play offline. Pirates will never be stopped, just slowed down. Sad.

metsgaming3166d ago

Im not a fan of Ms but i will always support them here because this is a win for all gamers. Unfortunately they will just buy another one and pirate off of that.

duplissi3166d ago

pirates =/= hackers...

pirates are dbags.. not all hackers are.

Shadow03166d ago

Jtags still run perfectly and Lt is working on a new firmware that will probably be out in a few weeks tops. Microsoft will never end piracy...

badz1493166d ago

NO ONE can end piracy!

AAACE53165d ago

The only way to end piracy is to have something completely alien to what we know!

But then again, if no one knows it, who the hell will program for it?

Waiiiit! I got the solution! Make it so that all consoles are connected to the net. That way even if someone doesn't have an online account, you can track it's usage. Then fry the insides! And if they try to use a pc to hack it... fry that as well!

Naahh... that won't work.

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MGRogue20173166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Hackers will always find another way, You can't stop 'em.

Eamon3166d ago

Actually I heard that if they re-flash their drives again, it will work. The dashboard update only flashes the drive once.

Also, apparently, the infamous creator of the 360 CFW, c4eva, is planning to release a new version that combats this.

Steven213165d ago

well mine has already been down for a few days. hopefully i can get a new mod done soon

4lc4pon33166d ago

Agree. No matter how smart you are a Pirate will always be many steps ahead

jack who3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

dam i was this close to flashing my dvd drive to fix it...:D (my laser in the drive died btw)

ps: flashing doesnt always = hacking

Shadow03166d ago

Wait, how would flashing fix your dvd drive? Flashing is extracting your dvd firmware and replacing it with another firmware. A new firmware will not fix a broken laser...

Aarix3165d ago

You shine a light on it.

theEx1Le3165d ago

You have to spoof a drive with the firmware from the drive thats broke, so your xbox thinks it is the same drive and you dont get banned. cheaper than buying a new 360.

SlipperyMooseCakes3166d ago

Microsoft has really been cracking down on pirates and hackers this generation, as they should. With all the massive bannings, way to report users, and updates like this it has really helped them out.

alex33693166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

last banwave was nov 2009... i would know as i was apart of it and now have another one flashed again. then again if your looking at it from a generation standpoint then yes theyve done mighty well.

SlipperyMooseCakes3166d ago

I never said this would be the end, nor is it full proof. What I'm saying is they have put a lot of effort into keeping gaming fair. And just all around giving hackers and pirates a hard time.

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The story is too old to be commented.