L.A. Noire Overcomes Its Linear Gameplay - Gaming Irresponsibly Review

Immersion is something that we have discussed many times here at Gaming Irresponsibly and it seems that each game we have played this year has pushed the envelope further and further. Crysis 2 with it’s stunning graphics, Portal 2 with it’s witty dialogue and intuitive puzzles and even Mortal Kombat with it’s stunning single player story all immersed the player in different ways. However, you have to ask yourself “What if a game succeeded in immersing the player on all levels?”. The initial argument would be that some sort of quality would have to be sacrificed in order to achieve this.

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THAT is where that missing S went...

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Well, THAT was awkward. Great review otherwise, lol.

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One of your longest reviews, but very detailed :)