Black Ops' Escalation DLC dated for PC, still no PS3 date

TVGB: "Activision's dated the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops' Escalation DLC; the map pack will release for the system early next month, on June 2nd."

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Firstkn1ghT3530d ago

You guys are missing out on some sweet maps. :)

-Alpha3530d ago

We'll get them eventually

blumatt3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Yeah, we'll get them eventually, and we'll be enjoying some sweet EXCLUSIVES during that time. lol I sure am glad Sony spends its money on first party studios instead of CoD dlc. I used to LOVE Call of Duty but now the series has just stagnated.

Still, I hope they give a release date for the dlc so those PS3 owners with Black Ops can enjoy the dlc too. I'm just not personally interested.

Yeah, I love Bad Company 2. A miles better game than CoD Black Ops, in my opinion. The sniping is more realistic, where you have to account for bullet drop. There is destructible environments and buildings. And there's drivable vehicles as well.
Add me on PSN (blumatt) if you want to play sometime.

aceitman3530d ago

not really im am so into battlefield bad company 2 not sure if im going to get it at all thanks for the delay u let me play another game thats seems better . than cod black ops with out all the cliches

alousow3530d ago

I stop getting CoD map since world at war, so I'm not really missing. But u will be missing on some good exclusive (uncharted 3 infamous 2 many more...)

SSKILLZ3530d ago

You guys are missing out on some sweet AAA exclusives :)

Joe29113530d ago

2 and 3 = battle of the 1 bubbling console trolls

zackacloud3530d ago

no please i want please loooooooooool.

keep it for you.

keep a whole COD for micro.

MW was good and i don't think 3 will do anything.

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