TGH: Black Ops Double XP Weekend Coming To PS3

TGH Writes: Announced just a few minutes ago over on Twitter Josh Olin from Treyarch said that to welcome back PS3 players Treyarch would be running a double xp weekend, and will also be bringing back the playlist Nuketown 24/7. Below is what he said on Twitter

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Nick2120042708d ago

Glad to see them honor this even though the PSN was down for nearly a month.

ShadyDevil2708d ago

I guess Treyarch aren't so bad after all.

MightyMark4272708d ago

its about time for PS3 owners to get it! I hope it will be for at least a week. :(

Rob9462708d ago

Nope it says in the article it's May 20th- May 24th :/ that's pretty good though :)

ShadyDevil2708d ago

We should get the amount of time we had to wait for it to be available to PSN users. And wtf? Nuketown 24/7 more like spam noob tube town

Rob9462708d ago

Yeah Nuketown 24/7 is all ppl are going to play espically with double xp so they can rank up really quick.

jagstatboy2708d ago

sweet, haven't played in forever, will be nice to get double xp.

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