Do You Still Play Crysis 2 Online?

gamrFeed: What we want to know is if you play Crysis 2 online? If so, are you able to find matches easily? If not, why? Let us know. We discuss things in here, so let's do that.

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NukaCola2710d ago

me neither. I played it online a couple of times but it sucks. It's like playing COD but with a character hopped up on Redbull. Nothing in it is fun to me. The single player campaign is awesome sauce.

SP = 9/10
MP = 4/10

pixelsword2710d ago

4/10 online? Really?


Yeah; I'll probably wait for a price drop to the $25-$30 range.

jjohan352710d ago

Crysis 2 multiplayer is a fusion of many different elements from popular FPS games and it does it well. The problem that most people have is the steep learning curve because its gameplay altogether is drastically different than COD, KZ, Halo, Gears, Resistance, etc. And that's what makes the game so refreshing. Crysis 2 has a really steep learning curve and linear leveling progression. What I mean by that is the fact that you are heavily rewarded with better perks/modules and weapons as you level up. I personally dismiss everyone's opinion of Crysis 2 until they've reached at least level 20 or so. Until then, they're just cry babies who haven't really understood the gameplay or its leveling benefits.

jetlian2710d ago

real chink in the armor is the lag. If you get in a lag free match its one of the best fps on the market. But its EA and they didn't sell enough to care.

If it sold 5+ million like BF it would get upgraded. Any hows the new maps i'm seriously thinking of getting them. Just wanna make sure people playing them

bwazy2710d ago

Someone said that you can only comment on the multiplayer once you reach lvl 20. So your saying that the even though your not having fun on the trip looking at the end result is best? No thanks, i'd rather not walk through shit to get to the greener side.

ChrisGTR12710d ago

true, i bought it on launch date , already sold it, got to level 23 online. looking forward to duke as my next purchase even though the online looks to be crap.

phinch2710d ago

To me the jumping about it similar to halo, and i doubt you'd give that 4/10 because of that

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2709d ago

well that's just fine, I'll pull out my killzone, uncharted, or call of duty, (whatever multiplayer you prefer) when i want to play multiplayer.

Crysis is for singleplayer, and it's great at that.

HolyOrangeCows2709d ago

I played the beta, and it was COD with super jumps and invisibility. I passed.

The SP looked okay, though. I'll pick it up some day.

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mandf2710d ago

Nope the hit detection is broken with lots of lag. It's a sub par game with good graphics.

hmmmm2710d ago

I think the game is ok, me and my buddy play the game a lot and when there is a good ping the game plays smooth and everything is alright. But being in Australia we are almost NEVER in a game with good ping and it is very very frustrating as the game just doesn't handle lag very well.

The most frustrating thing is there is no option(that we have found anyway) for location search in matchmaking. Both me and my buddy have good connections so in most other games we are either host or have a good connection to the host but with Crysis 2 it's pretty much always bad..

fluffydelusions2710d ago

No, because I have the PC version which has no sort of protection against hacks and least last I played.

YoungKiller252710d ago

I Play it everyday, i love it.
its just my type of game idc what anyone says. to me, its just perfect

FunAndGun2710d ago

Thats all that matters really! :)

YoungKiller252710d ago

Also i wanted to say that i think that the game has MANY basic Technical issues that could all be fixed but other than that i think that the energy system and how its linked to your suit abilities makes this game a very innovative shooter, it pulls crysis away from the generic FPS, like COD, and makes you play COMPLETELY different. I like the change of pace...and thats why i love Crysis2. Do i think it could be better??? Of Course but for me i just love it. The feel of it to me is perfect

Speakindatruth2710d ago

Crysis 2 could have had excellent multiplayer. But they make you wait before you spawn in a game titled "instant action." People don't want to wait. People want to spawn.

Vherostar2709d ago

Yeah its a shame the multiplayer sucked but that's because they basically ripped off COD with the perks system etc.. The fact nobody hardly does just shows people don't really play COD for great online they are caught in the "gamer loop". The gamer loop is simple nearly everybody owns a COD game and plays with there friends that's what makes it fun. Even with the crappiest online with good friends you can make it fun. So then out comes a new game and your so called friends upgrade to latest game forcing you to buy it so you can continue to play them. Thus ends a vicious cycle!

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bmw692710d ago

Very rarely play it online

BeardedGamerShow2710d ago

It's really great, but these types of games always come down to what your friends are playing. A new multiplayer experience has to be really something innovative and awesome to pull them away from the COD games and Halo's of the world.

YoungKiller252710d ago

Exactly, and no matter how much any developer tries, come November everyone and there mom will be playing COD

awiseman2710d ago

Halo and COD do not belong in the same sentence.

Schism202710d ago

Didnt even bother getting the game after playing the demo.

afterMoth2710d ago

Same, the demo is completely boring. I'd still like to try the campaign.

solar2710d ago

didnt bother after hearing no DX11. ill buy it once it goes on sale on Steam for $20. i still want to play the SP.

mananimal2709d ago


BattleAxe2710d ago

I was so burnt out from all the hype behind Crysis 2 and from all the graphics comparisons, that I decided to wait for it to go down below $30.00. Crysis Wars was a crappy multiplayer game too.

richierich2710d ago

And Crytek said that this games Multiplayer would become more popular than COD

piroh2710d ago

crytec is full of sh..

Dread2710d ago

do you have a link to support your allegation?