L.A. Noire Review | KLCore

The graphics are great and the new Motion Scan Technology adds a great feature to the game and lets not forget the amazing voice acting and the soundtrack! This game is a must buy for people ...

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yoge3531d ago

This game is good maybe going for game of the year.

NukaCola3530d ago

If they keep up the DLC and maybe put out some large Case's that are wazoo, like how undead Nightmare was. Maybe a big investigation revealing an Alien conspiracy or something, then it'll stay fresh in gamer's mind until the awards. It's amazing how this years has been one gret game after another. LBP2, Mass2PS3, Killzone3, DeadSpace, Portal2, MK9, Motorstorm: Apoc, LA Noire..I feel really spoiled.

yoge3530d ago

I was thinking the same thing about alien conspiracy thing.