Angry Birds and Mobile Games: The Way Forward?

"Angry Birds seems to be the most popular game in the world right now, simply because it’s so easy to play. It’s on most platforms, it takes 10 seconds to download and you can jump on at any time. So now we come to the point of this article: I said in the news post “it looks like small, downloadable games really are the way forward”, but since then I’ve been thinking. Are they, really?"

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Fallouts3530d ago

no! its just a great time killer when you are in a boring situation.. shopping with the wife, at her families house etc..

stealth500k3530d ago

angry birds is hardly even good............

cant compete with dedicated handheld or console games

badkolo3530d ago

angry birds is this decades tetris and the game is amazing for the reasons stated, simple, quick, fun gameplay but no these bitesized games will never replace the hunger for the real games.

trikster403530d ago

The only reason people think Angry Birds is amazing is because for most of these smartphone gamers, it's one of the first games they've played. They don't own consoles.

It's like the first time any of us played Super Mario Bros.

I just hope that gaming companies don't see this as the kind of games people want. People spend their 99 cents and play it to kill 5 minutes in the bathroom or at the movies. We don't PLAY these games, they just kill our time.