Road To The IGF: Global Conflicts: Palestine's Egenfeldt-Nielsen

Beginning Gamasutra's 'Road to the IGF' feature, which profiles and interviews Independent Games Festival 2008 entrants, today's interview is with Serious Games Interactive's Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, developer of Global Conflicts: Palestine.

'Global Conflicts: Palestine' tasks the player as a freelance journalist in Jerusalem, armed with only a pen and paper. The player collects quotes to get a newspaper article, with many different avenues of obtaining information. The most newsworthy story will get the best exposure, but what's printed will affect the balance of the conflict, and the game aims to challenge ideas about the issues through situations taken from real-life events.

Danish-based developer Egenfeldt-Nielsen describes his own background as coming from "the twilight zone between the games industry and the research world," as he researched the educational potential of computer games. He also used to work for clients like Nike to help them develop their online presence. The company, he says, is a mixture of people with a variety of backgrounds, but while they've had involvement with a number of projects, this is the first released title for many of them.

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