Animals explode in the new trailer for Fluffy: Operation Overkill

Small animals are all cute and cuddly one minute, and then the next they’re eradicating species with lightning guns and orbital satellite strikes. So So Dev’s new trailer for its upcoming blood-soaked indie Fluffy: Operation Overkill showcases the more pugnacious side of our furry friends. A mysterious virus has turned all the animals into bloodthirsty beasts (hate when that happens), but thankfully Fluffy was conveniently protected by his hazard suit, and now he needs to “deal with all infected animals to reveal the cause of the virus.” Apparently “deal with” is equivalent to “cause to explode into sanguinary showers of flying organs.”

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Dart893530d ago

XDDDDDD killer animals FTW.

DaveVoyles3530d ago

Tell me you don't want a BA squirrel with a rocket launcher.....

qface643530d ago

i only clicked to see the picture he he lol
*click save as*