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BrutalGamer's Zeth writes the following:

OK, disclaimer right off the bat. I’ve championed Brink since I first heard/saw it back in 2009. I did the previews, attended the screenings, held interviews with developer Splash Damage’s staff. Basically this was going to be my game of 2010. Oh and I played the game for the first three hours wearing my Brink tee shirt.

So with all that said, was my opinion of Brink altered by these things? Well, yes, but not in the way you might think. You see, like so many others, Brink turned out to not be the game I thought it was. I was expecting something akin to Borderlands. Brink seemed to be a story driven narrative with a unique online squad-based twist. Instead what I was served up was a revised version of classics like Valve’s Team Fortress series and Splash Damage’s own Enemy Territory : Quake Wars & Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

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Tikicobra3532d ago

Ironic that a website called "Brutal Gamer" would give it one of its highest scores.

mephixto3532d ago

8 is great score for Brink, at least on PC

joydestroy3532d ago

yeah, esp since playing solo is actually pretty brutal...

Ju3532d ago

...yeah, brutally bad.

moosehound3532d ago

Haha - yeah I guess :)

I did give it a good work over though ;) Brink is good on PS3 / Xbox 360 but will shine on PC in the end.

Glad you like the review guys.