Loot Ninja Giveaway: PS3 Eagle Eye Converter

Loot Ninja writes: It’s time for another give away here on Loot Ninja, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Sony finally kicked on the PSN this week, so what better way to get back into the action of multi-player and online games than being equipped with the Penguin United PS3 Eagle Eye converter. Sadly, this giveaway is only for PS3 gamers (I really feel bad for you guys – well, us – for not having a gaming network for a long ass time) but this is an awesome giveaway prize to help heal those tainted wounds Sony left behind.

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Godmars2903529d ago

I don't get why people need this when the PS3 can use Bluetooth keyboards.

McCullster3529d ago

Well, there is a difference between just using a keyboard to type up a message to a friend and a keyboard used through the Eagle Eye to control your character in Black Ops or Killzone 3 (or any first person shooter for that matter).

This allows you to get the feel of playing a PC game (with the precision) to pwn your friends on your PS3.