Rumor: Alan Wake: Night Springs Will Be an XBLA Title

"An extremely trusted source has leaked to us that the upcoming Alan Wake: Night Springs will be an Xbox Live Arcade title and not a retail release. We have seen screen caps, but have been asked not to disclose them at this time. We have emailed Microsoft asking for a comment and will update as the situation develops."

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randomlyrossy3530d ago

Very excited to hear about this, more Alan Wake is only a good thing!

user8586213530d ago

I have to see how they turn night springs into a game!

themarriedgamer3530d ago

more Alan Wake and i don;t hav eto elave the house to get it!

cain1413530d ago

I loved alan wake. It always seemed like a good episodic type of game...

NukaCola3530d ago

They should do Alan wake like Sony did with Siren but make it like episode that you play through. Each one a differnt tale, or maybe a fluid game but broken into chapters through XBLA.

TOO PAWNED3530d ago

Speaking of Siren, I would love to find out what Team Siren is working on. Half of that team worked on first 3 Silent Hill games.

TheIneffableBob3530d ago

I know, right! I hate elaving the house to get things!

ind1fference3530d ago

I have Alan Wake DLC I need to play. I better play it before this game comes out.

jetlian3529d ago

might play the story again too

Akatosh Fury3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Alan Wake + E3 2011 = Epic Win

Clumzyagent3530d ago

I figured it would be something like this when Remedy claimed the next Alan Wake project wasn't a sequel. Good on them for doing something different.

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The story is too old to be commented.