Duke Nukem Forever: Delay Spawns Killer Deal

Though it may seem like its been forever since the last release of Duke Nukem, Dukes epic delays are coming to an end, and leaving a wake of nice deals.

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ATiElite2712d ago

You do realize this game is never coming out. It's just a community wide Industry joke sorta like "Youtube and Rick Roll".

You see every month a different Developer makes a few new screen shots and releases them. Well since it's E3 time all the Devs are too busy with that so you just get basic delays now.

maybe true maybe not but hey you gotta have a sense of humor when dealing with this game.

showtimefolks2712d ago

i liked how they release a delay trailer and made joke of themself

what excites me is that after this DN game gearbox have the IP and they can go in so many different directions

gear box have 2 Ip's i care about

brothers in arm
borderland 2(This game has the biggest potential sequel wise)

ATiElite2712d ago

I actually rather have GearBox spend all their time and money making a proper Borderland 2 sequel.

Duke Nukem is what it is...vaporware or something that most likely will not live up to the classic Duke Nukems.

showtimefolks2712d ago

I agree i hope we hear something about borderlands 2 at E3. 2K needs to understand this IP's potential.

even bigger world
bigger boss battles
a story that's well a actual story
BEING ABLE TO CREATE ANY WEAPON OF OUR CHOICE AND I MEANY ANY. Than being able to upload that to servers for others to download i would love to see what weapons the community that come up with

driving made better
and a lot of loot more loot better loot

and there we have a proper sequel

But i am excited about DN too its suppose to be 15-20hrs single player its just fun. I hope sites reviewing this game understand that this game is not famous for its great stores but the great and fun gameplay and all the one liners

may is almost over and may was a big month for gaming and june will just be as big if not bigger

Valk2712d ago

That sounds like complete crap honestly. Going through thousands of crap home made weapons just to find the ones worth owning? I prefer their Diablo style looting and think it is just fine the way it is.

CNXN2712d ago

"Son I cried once in my life and that was when I got hit by a bus when I was 5, and the next time will be when this game comes out"

MasterD9192712d ago

This game is going to change little boys into Ron Swanson-like men.