Mass Effect 2 Wins Big At Canadian Videogame Awards

Gamasutra: "BioWare's Mass Effect 2 was the big winner at the Canadian Videogame Awards in Vancouver last night, taking home a total of four awards, including Canada's Game of the Year.

Other notable winners included Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with two awards, including Best Audio, and Hothead Games' Deathspank with Best Downloadable Game."

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kookie3529d ago

Canadian game awards lol

saladthieves3528d ago

In case you haven't noticed, all the Mass Effect games were made in Canada. You might be surprised by the number of games made right here in the great white north:

BattleAxe3528d ago

No doubt, Vancouver has got a massive EA campus, Calgary has Bioware, and Montreal and Toronto have some of Ubisofts biggest studios.

maxcer3528d ago

ignorance at its finest.

Relic Entertainment
Digital Extremes
UbiSoft Montreal
EA Canada
Radical Entertainment
Black Box
Barking Dog
Digital Illusions
Silicon Knights
Blue Castle Games Inc
Hothead Games
Next Level
Piranha Games
Rockstar Vancouver
Rockstar Toronto
Slant Six Games
Viceral Games

want me to list more?