Gotham City: Impostors; Cheap Cash-In or Brilliant use of a License?

Jeffrey Matulef writes, "It was recently announced that Batman would star in an all new third-person multiplayer shooter, Gotham City: Impostors. Of course that doesn't make any sense as a.) Batman doesn't use guns, and b.) There's only one Batman and everyone would want to be him. So instead no one gets to be Batman. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of taking place in the Batman universe? Upon first impressions, this has cheap cash-in written all over it."

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Ahasverus3528d ago

Quick, unneccessary and completely ridiculous cash-in

showtimefolks3528d ago

but as long as we get a good game i am willing to give it a shot. It depends how much time was given to develop this game. warner bros interactive has give its devs a lot of freedom look at first batman than look at mortal kombat.

so hoping for the best and gearing up for just under the best lol

warner bros interactive should get a lot of props for how they have handled their Ip's instead of cheap knock offs they are really putting behind their support

after the first batman game they now believe and understand that if done right their Ip's will bring in a lot of money

CNXN3528d ago

This actually seems really interesting... probable and pretty good storyline, so for a dl title it might not be terrible kind of like a battlefield 1943? possibly?

Quagmire3528d ago

Its basically TF2, with a Batman theme.