Why won't Microsoft allow user-generated content? cites the example of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 to talk about how the lack of support for user-generated content could hurt the Xbox 360 version of the game in comparison to the PlayStation 3 and PC versions and how it's something Microsoft can easily rectify.

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Mu5afir4013d ago

Unlike the Ps3, the 360s architecture is setup to incorporate both the CPU / GPU. For example, it has unified memory. That is a terrible choice by Microsoft as there is "load balance" issue. User created mods, might temper with the load balance of the game, causing strain on the CPU / GPU.

With the terrible hardware problems they are having, they don't want user generated content that might over work their already fragile system. The Ps3 separates that CPU /GPU memory not to mention, it has other such fail safes to allow user generated content to run on it's system.

BloodySinner4013d ago

... or maybe it's because they know they won't see a penny by having users create their own content and share it amongst others. Typical Microsoft.

Pain4013d ago

And letting ppl do what they want Is what M$ dosent what you to Do.


Bill Gates4013d ago

Oh, I don't know. Is it because they're a bunch of money grubbing freaks that want to CONTROL everything?

User-generated content is one of the attractions of the PS3, and might I say the last nail in M$'s coffin once Sony rolls out games that allow for user-generated content.

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I love the movie, and that's why I bought it on DVD and watch it on my PS3 that does a really nice job at upscaling it.....AAAHAHAAHA

dantesparda4013d ago

Damn, you actually like that movie? Im sorry but that movie is sh!t, the original movie from 1986 is far better.

Peace Out!

kss4013d ago

because ms is a big whale that strangles the innovations out of everything

mighty_douche4013d ago

they cant make money off it.

iceice1234013d ago

They want to keep it under control. They won't let it be a mess like PSN.

remix4013d ago

anyway, microsoft is run by bill gates......................... ........NUFF SAID

jaja14344013d ago

Umm Bill Gates donated 40 Billion( yea that Billion, with a "B" to charity so far. So calling him greedy is one of the dumbest things you can say...

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The story is too old to be commented.