IGN: Be a Better Detective in L.A. Noire

Jessica Chobot from IGN gives some tips and tricks on how to be a better detective in L.A. Noire

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LOGICWINS3529d ago

Agree if the only reason you clicked was because you saw the words "Jessica Chobot" in the headline.

SarahFox3529d ago

still, i would love to take her place in a fricken heartbeat

MoveTheGlow3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

"Punch Punch Go!"

Anyone? Anyone?

Eh, I've seen worse Chobot stuff, and they're pretty obvious tips anyway, but really, why would you want to view a video on this so early? You should definitely experience something that's so story-driven like LA Noire firsthand, no spoilers or tips (no matter how obvious), at least for your first entire playthrough. It's not like they made the game unbeatable.

Red_Phoenix3529d ago

This video gave nothing useful and is pointless if you own the game. All they did was rephrase the tutorial the game gives you when you first start out.

Veeger3529d ago

It's IGN. You expected anything else?

dragunrising3529d ago

I wonder if Jessica Chobot actually does any of the "research" to find tips/tricks in these videos? I'm guessing probably not.