5 Reasons to Both Love and Hate L.A. Noire

VGW: Rockstar and Team Bondi's L.A. Noire may very well be the most expensively produced game in history. It's also set to make history with its groundbreaking facial animation technology and its superb narrative. But if you're expecting standard Rockstar fare, you may find yourself being either sorely disappointed in, or helplessly in love with this gritty 1940's crime adventure drama. Read on for the five things you may love - or hate - about L.A. Noire.

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Soldierone2710d ago

The facial animations are fantastic, something not seen before. The only issue is they only did a good job with the face. The body movements are all really clunky in some areas, and this makes it seem like a video game again. If you combine the facial animation with the animation of killzone 3 or something then id be creeped out.

StanLee2710d ago

The biggest problem is the game is repetitive and linear. While the cases are interesting, the investigations follow the same repetitive, linear path. And the facial animation technology is ground breaking, but the rest of the game looks "meh". The movement is floaty and the hand to hand combat isn't intuitive and a bit button mashy since combos seem hit or miss.

Shazz2710d ago

im really enjoying the game so far and to see things in a game like people licking their lips is just excellent

MintBerryCrunch2710d ago

the doubt option had to have been set to an extreme think that someone is not leveling with you completely, you want to get more info, but its more of the detective trying to grill the person they are talking with/interrogating