More DiRT 3 DLC Outed By Trophy List

TGH Writes: "Downloadable Content is a major industry and it seems Codemasters having already given in to the whole online pass is now ready to pump DiRT 3 full of DLC if the trophies are any indication."

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ShadyDevil3530d ago

I think it is unanimous that this news is sweet? I didnt know people liked DLC that much. lol.

Yi-Long3530d ago

... it's so disappointing to see more and more developers stooping to such lows.

It just means I won't be buyng Dirt3 at launch.

Dee_913530d ago

@ Yi-Long I agree .. why dont they include this in the game , DLC is suppose to be released well after the game is released ..
only way this would be acceptable was if it was free and wasnt able to make it in the final product. The only way we can stop this if we stop buying the dlc
How ever I will still be buying this :)

Yi-Long3530d ago

... as it looks fantastic...

... but they'll be charging you, and you will be paying them, full price for an incomplete product.

Maybe you should consider buying the game 2nd hand, or waiting a few months until it drops in price!?

Dee_913529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

nah caant do that
after dirt 2 i need moar.. like asap lol

i wont be getting the dlc tho .. well ... lol

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extermin8or3530d ago

Wtf? is the game even out yet? and if it is can't have been by more than a few days....

ShadyDevil3530d ago

Releases May 24th Europe and North America. It is out in Istanbul I think They plan for launch DLC tho.

Blitz0013530d ago

This is just ridiculous...

extermin8or3530d ago

this is a joke, they have dlc like this planned before the games release..... wtf?

Apocwhen3530d ago

@extermin8or: Get used to it, every game is doing this BS now. Gimmick pre-order dlc junk. In my opinion, EA are the worst for it.

Looks like Codemasters are going the same route. It's also supposed to have a VIP online pass activation code too.

ShadyDevil3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

A lot of games plan DLC Ahead of time. (COD,EA Games, Bethesda, Valve) what makes Codemasters any different? Its not THAT big of a deal is it?

@apocwhen It does. Look at the site for this article, we reported on it. Sucks PSN store is down, cant redeem it yet.

Dee_913530d ago

well its always been a big deal with me
especially with EA im a big sims fan and I think the crap expansion packs are way over priced .. $30 for 50 new items .. most deco ?? BS
dont even get me started on COD
the only dlc I enjoyed buying was the south central pack for midnight club

and I will enjoy buying any GT5 DLC because I know that it wouldnt have been released in the final product