FIFA 08: PlayTM Review

PlayTM writes: "The biggest plus point offered up by FIFA 08 is its mixture of genuinely unpredictable gameplay and its seriously challenging A.I. difficulty. While Xbox Live fans can take to the virtual pitch with up to eight online friends, and home-based contests and co-op opportunities can also be enjoyed, FIFA's merciless single-player A.I. opposition seldom bends over the physio's table to placate the needs of a half decent player."

"To be frank, any lapse of concentration by the player is punished with uncompromising professional efficiency, and battles in the middle of the park (as in the real game) often make or break progression. It's also worth noting that individual team playing styles also seem to have been incorporated into FIFA 08, with the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea playing open and attacking football, while the likes of Blackburn press relentlessly and are aggressive when chasing the ball, and lesser teams try to dig in behind the ball and catch the player on the break."

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