Feature: What We Expect from Sony at E3 2011 (NGP, Uncharted, GOW, etc.) | GameDynamo

GameDynamo - "Sony keeps a lot of secrets, and they seem to be good at doing so. While some things we know will happen for certain at this year’s E3, most of what Sony will show us and tell us is yet to be revealed. Rumors are circulating, and at this point it’s hard to tell what is fact and what is just mere speculation. Regardless, here are some hot items that may be in store for us from Sony."

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sinncross2762d ago

I love how under 'confirmed' they have Metal Gear NGP even they they go onto say that there is speculation to what the title is.

That said, I am surprised Adrift has not made the list being all but confirmed.
Also I think that Santa Monica is going to be showing off Heartland:

while Rockstar shows off Agent. Some Move stuff sure... and Syphon Filter PS3? That would be awesome

Alos882762d ago

"Rockstar plans on announcing a game at E3, and most gamers are guessing it’s going to be GTA 5"
Really? Because I remember reading recently that Rockstar are skipping E3 this year.

FragGen2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Speaking of Rockstar and unconfirmed rumors, whatever happened to "Agent"? The thought of a Rockstar espionage game gives me chills. That'd be major E3 win.

Spitfire_Riggz2762d ago

That would be cool to get some exclusive content from GTA5, after all GTA did start with Playstation

Nes_Daze2762d ago

Sony has to deliver at E3, especially in regards to PSN. This doesn't just mean spend 5 minutes talking about it and then release one of those montages. They should show us some psn features or put the spotlight on Home for once. In regards to games, I'm hoping to see Agent, more Starhawk, and some new exclusives.

Yangus2762d ago

Ps3=Uncharted,GOW,MGS,Killzone ,Resistance.
NGP=Uncharted,GOW,MGS,Killzon e,Resistance?

supremacy2762d ago

Thats like me saying...
N64=star fox, mario 64, zelda
DS=star fox, mario 64, zelda
DSI=star fox, mario 64, zelda
3DS=star fox, mario 64, zelda

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