Sony Compensation - What if Users Already Have the "Free" Games?

The Sony Appreciation Program is designed to thank users for their loyalty and support during the time the PSN was offline. The compensation offers a variety of bonuses, including free downloadable content, a month of free subscription, and several other perks.

The biggest bonus from Sony for the PSN is the ability to choose two free games froma a variety of choices. These games include Wipeout HD + Fury, LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD, inFAMOUS, and Dead Nation for PS3 owners. PSP owners will get access to Killzone Liberation, ModNation Racers, Pursuit Force, and LittleBigPlanet(PSP).

While we certainly appreciate the steps made by Sony to compensate users, this deal does not benefit everyone. The titles in these games are very popular, which means that many gamers may already own them. If you already have these games, you will not be able to choose between any other games. This means someone who has been an avid Sony gaming fan and already owns these games will not benefit as much from the compensation program. In addition, casual gamers who barely dabble with PSP/PS3 games are more likely to get a game that they do not own yet.

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movements2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Good question.

Sue Sony.

Dante1122712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Idk, take hold of the other deals, like the Identity Theft Protect. free weekend of movie rentals, the PS+ deal (Infamous 2 beta), etc. Fortunately I don't have any of those games on the PS3 or PSP. Good deal for me.

Edit: @ movements Sue for 5 bucks lol.

Edit2: "Instead of giving out free games, perhaps users should receive PSN credits, allowing them to buy any game of their choice."

What if you have multiple accounts on the PSN?

darthv722712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I dont have many of those games they are offering so it pleases me.

I guess if you have both a psp and ps3 then you get 4 games total (2 each).

Infamous and dead nation for ps3 and mod nation racers and lbp for psp. Cant complain about that.

oli2712d ago

another thought that came to me is about the production of these games on blu-ray disc, is sony gonna slow or stop production of the blu-ray disc games since they're free on PSN?

Dee_912712d ago

@oli I doubt it
alot people dont even have access to psn because regional internet connections
I have friends in east europe etc who rarely get on because of poor internet connections

The Killer2712d ago

lets be a little bit fair here. Sony did a good thing to offer these games, however, they could have done better job with not much effort or money loss.

Sony should have expended the options for the free games, there are many 1-3 years old games that could be included in the list, also they could have offered a bonus option for those who have all the games with $40 PSN credit used for one or two PS3 machines only! etc

they could have made a better deal, for example, white night chronicles is old, uncharted 1 is old, motorstorm 1 is old, Foldkore or warhawk, resistance etc, the options were so much and most of these old games no one buy these days so they wont lose any money by offering it on PSN! only the bandwidth costs!


1: increase the selection of games
2: offer other kind of compensation other than games, like credit to buy games on PSN and the PSN plus was good move.

and everyone will be happier.

paintsville2712d ago

That just sucks. I already have these games. The only one worth mentioning is Little Big Planet. Yeah great welcome "trust us" reward there Sony. NOT.

MrBeatdown2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@The Killer

Well said.

Sony could have done more, without taking on any kind of major loss. I would never expect them to offer PSN credit, or a choice of any game from the store, but they could have thrown in a few more options like Modnation Racers for PS3, MAG, and Warhawk, just to increase the odds that people don't already own everything.

They also could have offered additional months of PS+. I'm getting a month of PS+ to compensate for the lost time, and a bonus month, so why not allow me to take two more months rather than the two free games? I paid $50 for a 15 month subscription. That's $3.33 per month and Sony is profitable from that. To me, that seems like it would have been a pretty cheap alternative, and nobody can say they couldn't use it or that they already had it, since it would just stack on top of existing subscriptions.

I'm sure I'll get disagrees for saying this though. It seems that around here, if I ask Sony for four quarters instead of dollar bill, I'm greedy.

JackBNimble2711d ago

@Darth... and if you have multiple accounts you can get all the games.

Kleptic2711d ago

I'm pretty happy with this. i never got around to buying infamous, and was considering it with Infamous 2 coming out soon...and I kind of lost Little Big Planet somehow...seriously...I don't know if someone borrowed it or i just lost it moving...but out of 20+ disc games, its the only one I simply can't find...

so...color me pleased...

LittleBigSackboyPS32711d ago

Yeah, I agree with credits thing but I think that will take to much time and to much money.

Danielmccue2711d ago

You won't get the Infamous 2 beta with PS+ it was only a select number of users who got sent emails.

Monkey5212711d ago

My only question is, has anyone considered the legal issue in this? They can't just say.. TAKE ANY GAME FOR FREE! because the studio that developed it would have to be compensated for the potential revenue lost. It's a collaboration between Sony and the specific developers of the games. Be happy that Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Housemarque, and Sony Liverpool agreed to allow their games to be distributed for free as gifts.

wsoutlaw872711d ago

with credits, you could have 7 accounts and get 7 credits but you could still only get the 5 games. Plus, a store credit would cost them money because they would still gave to pay the publisher the same amount. Adding more sony games like warhawk would have been nice but, dont forget plus; some sony games like warhawk may end up there.

gta28002711d ago

Then you're shit out of luck! that simple. Quit complaining. As matter of fact if anyone is to be compensated it should only be people who had subscriptions and to people who actually had their credit card on their account. Other than that why compensate the others for? I bet a lot of them are the ones who are complaining.

Therealspy032711d ago

i prefer my 360 to ps3, and definitely buy more overall 360 games than ps3 games, and even i own all these games.

i understand both sides of the argument. i also think sony very deliberately chose these titles knowing that they'd both be appreciated, and not over-downloaded (hence bogging down the system).

either the free month of ps plus is cool, but i think they should have done that anyway just to show ppl what they might be missing. that seems more of a marketing thing than an apology.

teething2711d ago

This is the problem with this kind of thing... you can NEVER make everyone happy.

People always find something to complain about. It is human nature on the internet.

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LOGICWINS2712d ago

I understand why people are pissed. The most LOYAL Sony fans who have bought most if not ALL PS3 exclusives are benefiting the LEAST from Sony's gift. Thats something worth noting. But unfortunately, its a its hard to complain about something that your getting for free.

TheBlackSmoke2712d ago

It doesn't matter what Sony do, people will still cry about their entitlements. Sony are offering FREE games and people are whining because they are good games that everyone has played. If sony offered less popular games people would be calling sony cheap for not offering bigger titles.. they can't win either way.

cjflora2712d ago

Let's look at the alternative. Sony offers the lesser popular games instead of the high quality ones. We would be hearing stuff like "Aw, Sony sucks. Calling all cars? There was a reason I didn't buy that game."

oddexarcadia2712d ago

I'm one of those people that are not getting too much out of the "Welcome Back" program. The only game I don't already own is Dead Nation, I'm a Plus subscriber, and I play DC Universe.
Now, even though I feel compensated for my time lost, and didn't expect to get anything other than time lost, I'm a little disappointed.
I do feel like those who are casual gamers are getting more out of the program than me.
To be fair though, most of these feelings are coming from the kid inside of me yelling "But that kid got TWO candy bars!"

AyeGee2712d ago

The people who are complaining already PROVED they are loyal to Sony.. it's YOUR (not directly at you LOGIC) fault that you get nothing out of this. You bought those games, with YOUR money.. because you wanted them, correct? Now you have them.. and then it's somehow taboo when other people DON'T have those games and get them for free in a welcome back package. It's YOUR fault that under a random occurrence of events, the games they chose were games you already owned. Quit crying already people. Saying "They're dicking us loyal people!".. NO THEY'RE NOT, you proved your loyalty by buying all those games.

UnasFortuna2712d ago

On the contrary, I do not understand why they are upset. I have all the games offered as well and I do not hold any grudge towards Sony. No blind fanboyism here. As you mentioned, these offerings are gifts offered up by Sony to their constituents. I applaud them for all they are doing right now and the gesture of the free gifts is great. The problem with alot of people is that they think they are entitled. No one is ever happy with what they have. Let's not forget that they are not playing on a "pay" for play service as with LIVE. I am happy that PSN is back up (even though I haven't had much time to play lately) and can't wait until the store is up and running. The PS3 still gets the majority of my business. Hey, at least I turned on my 360 for the first time in three months lol while all this fiasco was going on. To close on a different note..., while I am happy that Sony is resolving this issue with the PS3 and PSN, I am still disappointed that they allowed this breach of security to happen. Our data entrusted to them should never been allowed to be stored unencrypted (any part of it). I know there are always intrusions due to hackers, but that is why our data should have all safeguards in place.

SuperM2711d ago

I never expected to get any welcome back gifts, but it is kind of disappointing that i own all the games i can choose between. It is definately unfair that the loyal customers is not getting the same reward as everyone else is, ideally it should be the other way around. However there probably are no fair solutions to this. I just wish they added some more rare games to the list.

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LocO_o2712d ago

What if Users Already Have the "Free" Games

Then cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it.

Wha wha wha whammmmmmmmmmm

kyl2772712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Surely it isn't right when their most avid customers stand to gain the least out of all PSN users?

dragon822712d ago

I have every single game on both of those lists. With over 100 PSN games i am likely to have any game they would choose. I am not pissed off at Sony for it. I am just happy to have PSN back up so I can play online. Sony is giving me a free month of PS+ and DCUO plus all time lost. That is more than enough compensation. Anyone who thinks different needs to grow the hell up and get a life.

JD_Shadow2711d ago

"Anyone who thinks different needs to grow the hell up and get a life."

A little insecure that you were able to back up your opinion, are you?

Biggest2711d ago

Sony's most avid customers were not affected by PSN being down. There are far too many games out there that can more than cover 23 days of offline play. I still don't see why people are crying about this? Sony already gave everyone a reverse credit for the 23 days of down PSN. Check your bank statment. It should say "PSN - FREE" somewhere on there.

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UnbiasedGamer2712d ago

I got most and played all on PSP & PS3, However never played Infamous yet so looking forward to get a free game :D But that is a good question...what if someone has all of those? I guess PSN+ is worthwhile.

Blaze9292712d ago

I think the best thing they could and SHOULD have done is gather all their first party greatest hits titles and let PSN users choose ONE from them.

Then I bet no one would have complained because I honestly doubt anyone owns EVERY greatest hits 1st party game on the PS3.

I would have been more than happy with that.

But inFamous and Little Big Planet? Come on...Dead Nation? Please go

ZombieNinjaPanda2712d ago

Good idea, but hard to implement. They're offering all these games because they're downloadable.

Now I'm not complaining because I only have one of the games on the list. However I understand where others are coming from.

They support Sony and feel as if they're not being compensated for the lost time, and for their personal information being in jeopardy

Blaine2712d ago

"But inFamous and Little Big Planet? Come on...Dead Nation? Please go"

I don't understand your complaint. inFamous is awesome, and LBP is critically acclaimed. I have both, but you don't hear me complaining about Sony's generous offer. I don't have Dead Nation, so I'll be happy to download that one.

Your idea about the first party greatest hits doesn't sound bad though.

Blaze9292712d ago

@Blaine my mistake. I'm not saying. Those are bad games. Just that it's a very high chance most people who even care about PSN being down already own at least 1 game on that list if not more.

dragon822712d ago

I own or have owned all the first party greatest hits games. That wouldn't be a bad list to choose from.

vickers5002711d ago

Agreed. Add MAG and Modnation Racers (at least) and I bet you that takes away a pretty good chunk of complainers. It would be really easy for them to do.

I'm okay with the deal now (though a tiny bit bummed) as I get a game and a half (Dead Nation and the Wipeout HD expansion), but if they had MNR and MAG, I'd jump with joy and forgive Sony.

Ult iMate2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@ Blaze929
..and then people with multiple accounts on one console will go and download all the games and not only one.
[sarcasm] Maybe then Sony should go out and give away all their games for free? [/sarcasm]

I have all the games they offer. I played them and finished them. I enjoyed them. I'm grown up enough to make my own money to buy my own games and not to whine like a child without a present. I make presents for myself.

You can also download two games that you already have on discs and then give away those disc games as a small present for someone.

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Scary692712d ago

If you already have the games guess what? Tough!

Vaud-Villian2711d ago

after 24 days of getting screwed by Sony, whats 1 more.

Mikeyy2711d ago

You got screwed by hackers, so did I. Yes our asses hurt, but what can you do? Victims never get made whole... We can only hope the person responsible is jailed the rest of his life, or executed.

Nothing can bring back what you've lost.

dgonza402710d ago

man, the people complaining sound like children.

What exactly do you believe you deserve?
ALL of those games are great. If you already own them, odds are you have enough money to buy other games. what's the argument?
"We want more"? yeah Sony's security screwed us all, but it's not like they're offering us lame games. 2 of 5 games is very generous (plus the free month of PS+)

You can always trade those games you own, and put them towards new games

Jamegohanssj52712d ago

I have them all and lulz PSP sooooo.


theonlylolking2712d ago

Get the games that are worth the most on the PSn store and then sell the ones on disc.

frostypants2712d ago

So perhaps Sony should also offer a few crappy games that nobody already owns?

I mean really...wth do people want?

vickers5002711d ago

A wider selection of Sony games.

Wouldn't be that hard to add a few games like MAG, Modnation Racers, Warhawk, Socom Confrontation, God of War Collection, and a few other Sony first party games + some PSN games.

Ult iMate2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

@ vickers500
Many gamers have multiple accounts on one console. That is giving them the chance to download everything Sony have to offer for free. Five games, ten games - they will download them all for their console from different accounts. So wider selection is not an option, it's like Sony will go out on streets and give away all their games for free for anyone.

You can also download two games that you already have on discs and then give away those disc games as a small present for someone.

madjedi2711d ago

"I mean really...wth do people want?" Since they are being greedy and unrealistic anything and everthing. Hell sony could have offered gow3, heavy rain, and uncharted 2, and people would still be complaining it's not enough.

Why people are being so demanding when you maybe lost $20 on dc online or $5 on psn+ both of which has or will be credited to your account.

You know the whole 10-15% of the user base that actually pays for something on a monthly-yearly basis, not the other 80% of us that pay nothing.

Some of you greedy ass gamers need to stop acting like your entitled to anything your heart desires, because 99% of you people damn sure aren't spending $100+ each on the psn store every month.

I don't have wipeout hd + fury, but i have every other game offered, my buddy has none so he is going to make out like a bandit.

It's not sony's fault i already have these games, that's life.

I wish sony hadn't given any free games at all, then you would actually have something reasonable to complain.

Some of the alternative suggestions like blazes greatest hits isn't a bad idea, but they probably had to be dl only otherwise the shipping costs and logistics would have been completely impractical.

vickers5002711d ago

@Ult iMate

Yeah, that's why I figured they made the list so short. Still, it's not like giving away free downloadable games will cost them that much. Pretty much everybody interested in the games I mentioned already have them, so there's not a lot of profit left to be made. I'm not saying all of Sonys games, just the majority of the first party downloadables.

Personally, since the selection is so short, I'm going to choose my 1 and a half games (Dead Nation and the Wipeout expansion) on my main account, and download inFamous and LittleBigPlanet on my other account, even though I already have them on disc (which I'm still not giving away or trading in).

I think they should have had like a voting poll out of 5 Sony games and have the people choose which games they wanted to have in the selection.

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moparful992711d ago

Let me get this straight.. xbox live was down and microsoft gives away undertow and all is good but when psn is down and sony lets you choose two high quality titles from an outstanding list and all anyone can do is whine and cry about it.. My God I am sick of this spoiled mentality that seemingly everyone has anymore...

DaTruth2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

And they pay for that; PSN is free! And yes, even if you have PS+, the online gaming portion is free and isn't the part you are paying for, the deals you paid for aren't going anywhere... scratch that, since they are extending your PS+, whatever free games you got through PS+ that were single player, you actually get a free month to play them!

coryok2711d ago

if they have all the games they should sell the ones they have and get them for free = cash money

mantisimo2711d ago


Simple idea but the price of the "Big five" on disc will plummet.

Just give a store credit for a few pounds/dollars and no one can complain.

For everyone saying the complainers are whining please put yourselves in the shoes of someone who does own all 5 and see how you'd feel, it just feels a little unfair that you have bought all the games at full price and now have no choices.

Especially when others that havent now have potentially 4 new games to play (2 ps3 2 psp)

It does feel a little unfair.

lil Titan2711d ago

then just be happy you get to play online, simple

Vherostar2711d ago

Ah I hate articles like this they are giving away 4 games with a meta rating of plus 84 and its not enough. Sure people might already have them all but if they do they must buy a lot of games or be extremely unlucky. Infamous though has never been available for download so if you got it trade in your blu-ray copy. Thats 1 answer. They cannot fund your wallets for the obvious reason people will buy none 1st party games which means Sony would have to pay out there nose. With choosing first party games they don't pay anything.

Mr Scooch2711d ago

I gotta say that I'm really pleased with what Sony are giving! But I wouldn't be if I were a loyal Playstation user.
I have both consoles and I mainly play my xbox. I'm no fanboy, I just prefer the setup of the xbox controller, have Live and only really play online with mates so party chat makes this easier. Both consoles have plus and minus points.
Long story short my Xbox Red Ringed recently (4th time since launch) so I'm now playing my PS3 and looking forward to downloading Ratchet & Clank and Infamous.
BUT if I were to mainly play my PS3 over my xbox then I'm pretty sure that I would've owned all of the games that Sony were giving away.
It seems to me that it's only people like me who are really getting the full benefit and the real faithful PS3 players are getting not very much. I know I'd be pretty pissed off if Live went down and MS offered old games that I'd already owned by way of an apology (I know it's slightly different as Live is paid for).
On the other hand Sony didn't really HAVE to give anyone anything.

llMurcielagoll2711d ago

Loads of disagrees at movements, guess 80 people never took a sarcasm course.

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b_one2712d ago

Author probably will sue Sony or will make crycall to some CNET or FOX ;>

btw i`m going for LBP + Wipeout :D dont have them... and LBP is some sort of games within games to play games...

solar2712d ago

InFamous and LBP here. i find it hard to buy ps3 games with rental services for console games.

Istanbull2711d ago

Will go for Dead Nation and WipEout HD Fury, I didn't have the Fury addon pack, save me 10 bucks.

Anyone wanna play some Dead Nation or other exclusive game? Add me: TurkishEmperor

Vherostar2711d ago

See the great thing is now every owner of ps3 around the world (except those who bought after the psn being took down) should own LBP now. There is simply no excuse for not owning one of the greatest games of this generation. This means more levels and players online. That's a win for me!

k2d2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Easy solution here Sony!
They could give -one- 1. party studio game of choice (even unreleased ones) if users have already spent a certain amount of money on 1. party games. Ex..: Say you've bought LBP, WipeOut and Infamous prior to the downtime. Then you use that on a future Infamous title.

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christheredhead2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

if you already have the games then your out of luck. enjoy your free month of ps+ and whatever else they offer on top. its not like you paid to play your games online to begin with. so basically your being compensated for nothing and if the compensation doesn't suit you then move along, go play online and get over it. i hate to sound harsh but there has been a great deal of people whining over the issue.

b_one2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

most of ppl forget that this free month of Ps+ will combine content from two months...(or even three) so it will be massive

kjordanreyna2712d ago

" i hate to sound harsh but there has been a great deal of people whining over the issue." Thats what happens when you're being generous and kind to your userbase.

XRider2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

You get one month of PSN+ but after that month you don't get to keep anything. So this means nothing for people who don't want to pay for PSN+ and already have the games offered. Sony's throwing old games at people, old games Sony doesn't make money from anymore. That's some cheap ass shit. If Sony truly cared about PS3 owners they would give a new game, not old games everyone owns.

DragonKnight2712d ago

*Sigh* More misinformation. The only thing you don't get to keep are the same things that regular PS+ subscribers don't get to keep if they don't renew. And that's full games. Everything else like avatars, themes, DLC, etc.. you get to keep that.

XRider2712d ago

Thank you for your help proving my pont.

DragonKnight2712d ago

Your point was that you don't get to keep anything.

"You get one month of PSN+ but after that month you don't get to keep anything."

I proved that you do. Why do you think Sony would change their PSN+ Policy now when it's been the same since inception that you don't keep any games if you unsub?

AyeGee2712d ago

What? Why do you feel like you're entitled to something? Your point is void.. because you're not paying a DIME for any of this, therefore, they have no reason to give you ANYTHING. Be glad that they're even giving us something.