Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword Review ( "Those who have never experienced the Mount and Blade series before may be taken aback by quite a few aspects of the game. The graphics aren't quite top notch, and the general framework of the game can feel a little strange for those who aren't quite familiar with a similar series like Might and Magic. Similarly it's latest expansion With Fire and Sword can be equally hard to simply pick up if one is not accustomed to an older style of game design. But despite all these issues, Mount and Blade remains to be an extremely engrossing series, one which has an amazing amount of depth to offer players."

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Sanrin2712d ago

I wish they would of given the game a graphical update, that'd be the best.

Hardedge2712d ago

That would be awfully nice, the game currently looks like a blast from the past...the 90's to be precise, but I guess that's one of the charms? XD

evrfighter2712d ago

I put about 30 hours into this title last week alone. It needs a graphics update but the gameplay is a new experience. Very kewl.

Diplomacy system needs work and perhaps an extensive trading system like patrician.

Hardedge2712d ago

It's unlikely that I'll enjoy a game like this. Despite the glowing praise for the gameplay mechanics.

bozebo2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Warband was much, much better. They have managed to do what big developers do and add new features that just break the game instead of build uppon their awesome original idea properly.

They need to revamp the menu system and add more intricate and unique content.

As for graphics, look at how much it is rendering... The graphics are very good considering that, zoom in to the ground on total war and it looks worse than mountain blade. Though the architecture is in dire need of improvements, likewise with faces while talking to characters. What they have done with the graphics is basically: "well.... we have proved that we are able to make them great, but we will leave everything bad because there are only 6 of us". The actual rendering system seems very good, but the assets themselves lack quality.

Oh yeah, the AI is completely broken in this too.

Chewy1022711d ago

WFAS was made before Warband. It was a UK only expansion for the original Mount and Blade, and only was just re-released for the US using Warbands engine. That explains way it's missing a lot of what Warband offers.

bozebo2711d ago

Oh! I totally didn't know that.

I guess we can expect them to be working on a proper iteration at this time then (maby). That is good news.

Coach_McGuirk2712d ago

Haven't tried the single player, but I find the multiplayer in both this and Warband to be tons of fun. I'll find a siege server with 75+ on each team and jam on it for hours and hours..