Dj Hero 2 on sale with turntable for $24.99

Amazon has one the best music rhythm games on sale

pepsilover_20074808d ago

kinda ashamed that a games like this was ruined by saturation, especially when this developer kinda deserved the sales, when they actually made an amazing game

Titanz4808d ago

I'm loving the price, so I might just pick this up.

VG_Releaser4808d ago

Didn't they steal the design and code? I thought there was a whole lawsuit in 2009 over Activision ripping off the original dev and taking the code in-house to their own dev. I LOVE DJ Hero, but the in-house devs didn't really do bunk. Google it

bumnut4808d ago

Im still waiting for heroin hero

VG_Releaser4808d ago

lol - Chase the uncatchable dragon!

tunaks14807d ago

i got it for 19 at a local retailer new :D


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