Binary Domain: Potential Best Shooter of E3 2011

The Machine Age is upon us. Coming to consoles early 2012, SEGA's new squad-based shooter promises to make you question the limits and boundaries of what is considered 'life'. Set in Tokyo in the year 2080, robots have been constructed to make human lives easier. However, some of the machines have developed egos and emotions of their own, infiltrating every level of society on their quest to become the next step in evolution. Now players must fight to keep their place in the world or risk becoming a footnote in its history.

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HeavenlySnipes2707d ago

I doubt it. Resistance 3 or Battleield 3. They can try though. Maybe wow a few people

hudsoniscool2707d ago

battlefield 3, deus ex, rage, gears, and uncharted but resistance no not even close.

HeavenlySnipes2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

thinking that only FPSs could win the shooter thing. If anything Uncharted 3 would win (I don't think Deus Ex would be that good, so I'd rather have Resistance 3)

EDIT: and don't fall for the Rage hype. Brink was hyped from hell back and look at it now. Unless its an established franchise, don't assume its good.

hudsoniscool2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

screw bethesda, if it isnt an rpg its going to be crap.hell i dont even think there rpgs are amazing. ID makes good games from quake to doom they are all good. i dont know if insomniac has every made a AAA game, just a bunch of almost triple a games(from spyro until now)

NateCole2707d ago

Dues is not a typical FPS.

hudsoniscool2706d ago

thats why it and rage will win best shooter before games like cod or resistence.

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morganfell2707d ago

Binary Domain - Everything Deus Ex should be...and isn't. The end of the trailer says it all:

Raider692707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

How can you even compare Deus Ex to this Binary Domain garbage.This garbage its most compareble to another garbage the last Terminator game.

NateCole2707d ago

Dude. This is Dues EX we are talking about here.

jbiz3202707d ago

SEGA is shit at the majority of their videogames. Ill believe this when I see it.

spicelicka2707d ago

um i don't think binary domain could even win in gears's binary domain