Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: Pro-G Review

Pro-G writes: "We were so shocked by the slowdown and frame rate problems that we dropped the resolution from 720p to standard to see if it had any effect. All it did was take the HD sheen off proceedings. Then we tried using the AV lead the PS3 comes bundled with to see if that helped. The only difference here was the graphics looked even worse than they do normally. Stunned, we plugged the HDMI cable back in and put the resolution back up to 720p just to give the game one, last chance. PES has given us so much pleasure down the years that it at least deserved that. We set up a game just as before, in the rain, in the same stadium and with wide view, and we experienced the same problems again.."

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dale14106d ago

strange that, great reports over here in uk and europe

radzy4106d ago


my friend had a ps3 and an xbox 360 , guess which one was on ebay yesterday. yep you got it "THE ALMIGHTY PS3". he thought it was a joke of a console because lack of good quality games.

brianodom4106d ago

hey bud its not just the ps3 its on pc too....framerate issues that is

andy0014106d ago

The demo on the 360 was awful too, compared to Fifa anyway. In the end, after seeing a friends Fifa 08 on the PS3, I got Fifa 08 (on the PS3). Next year may be PES year

sagapo4106d ago

what was so awefull? i think it was better then the previous version (PES06) on X360... so i would like to know what you didn't like :)
(asking friendly here... just in case...)

andy0014105d ago

Well, the demo didn't seem to have the commentary which I felt ruined the atmosphere, or maybe it was turned off by default. The pace of the game didn't seem much different from Fifa 08, although it is a little unfair to say that I guess, until you have spent a bit more time with it.

It just left me uninspired, which is probably better than saying it was awful. You know how sometimes you try a game and have really high expectations, but then it just seems naff? That was what it was like for me.

testerg354106d ago

And this is the game that is suppose to sell a lot of PS3s? Sorry... was only meant for nasim :)

sonarus4106d ago

not sure bout the 360 but hear framerate issues are on the pc as well. Regardless of framerate, it WILL sell ps3's and a lot of them for that matter.

titntin4106d ago

Wow - looks like yet another dreadful engine on PS3. Developers need to get their priorities right and get a smooth running engine before bothering with superflous features! Theres no question that decently coded 60FPS is perfectly achievable with some proper engine developement, so theres no excuse for this.
Looks like fifa for me then....

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The story is too old to be commented.