Terraria Review: Deeper Than Minecraft? - Dealspwn

Dealspwn writes: "Terraria is the best of all worlds. Freeform omnipotent creation goes hand in hand with deep platform exploration and RPG mechanics, providing an experience that’s suitable for… well… everyone. There is more to see and accomplish in Re-Logic’s surprise hit than in any other game released so far this year – and I’d urge you to try out the experience for yourself without preconception or prejudice."

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Kee2713d ago

Yep. I'm getting it really soon.

Dylken2713d ago

Really enjoying this, truly great game. find some friends and get someone hosting a server.

Blues Cowboy2713d ago

Agreed, the MP can be a little tricky to organise, but a close group of mates can collaborate on truly insane projects. Not to mention making the Skeletron fight much easier!

Harelgur2708d ago

all minecraft fanboys dissagree
great game