When In Doubt, Let The Blood Flow Free

Dead Space 2 takes us back into the depths of the Necromorph terror--however, this time around familiarity displaces fear. Visceral, in an attempt to battle this packs in enough gore and blood to make even the hardiest horror fans squirm. The question is, was it really the best plan of action? Justin Brenis from Pixel Perfect looks into it.

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acronkyoung3535d ago

I haven't gotten to Dead Space 2 yet but it sounds like it is decidedly more gross than the first. I didn't have much of a problem with the first, but I'm not exactly a fan of gore. Guess I'll decide for myself if it's too much.

lastdual3535d ago

The gore in DS2 is honestly so over the top that it's comical. With the exception of a few key scenes, you're more likely to laugh than to wince.

spartan_dx3535d ago

I played and enjoyed Dead Space 2 and it is pretty gory but i found find myself laughing at some points cause of the silliness of it all. Then again i watch brain tumor surgery videos sometimes for the heck of it so it really depends on your tolerance for this sort of of thing.

JamesDeRosa3534d ago

What a weird quote from Asimov. Yeah, in that light, Dead Space 2 totally isn't in the spirit of Asimov's idea for SF.

Quagmire3534d ago

Am I the only one who preferred DS1 over DS2?