Minecraft Beta 1.6 Out "Next Week"

Notch has today announced on his blog that the update to Beta 1.6 for Minecraft will be “next week”.

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fatalred alarm2711d ago

might give me a reason to hop in again. this game got me fast, but after 2 weeks it was gone in the same hurry.

mixelon2711d ago

Yes! Multiplayer nether! :D

Elwenil2711d ago

Maps will be cool to have for planning out some builds and for exploring the topside a bit. Hopefully you can add notes to the map or something to make sense of it, especially with the odd way the compass works.

R8342711d ago

Yeah, I wish they would make an additional compass that just does normal North, South, East, West.

moaradin2711d ago

I've been too busy playing Terraria =P

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