TGH: LA Noire Review

TGH Writes: "The wait is finally over for Rockstar Games LA Noire, the story of the rise of beat cop Cole Phelps in the seedy city of Los Angeles. A lot is to be expected of this title from the graphics, to the story to the presentation everyone wants this to be a winner. Does Rockstar’s bet on developers Team Bondi pay off or are they left holding the smoking gun?"

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MightyMark4273530d ago

Awesome game. I wish the PSN is up so that i can download the Consular case

Rob9463530d ago

Im looking forward to getting this tomorrow looks great.

QuinnSullivan3530d ago

Sounds like I want to wait for a price drop.

Gambit073530d ago

You get $20 credit from Amazon.

RedDevils3530d ago

then wait for Christmas then lol