Seth VS Shao Kahn

Last time had Chuck Greene Vs Frank West to see who would be a worthy protagonist for Dead Rising 2, Chuck won due to his reason of being there, looks and creativity. This time take a look at the two bosses of two of the best fighting games and figure out which one is the best boss.
Seth from Street Fighter IV or Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat

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Legionaire20053529d ago

Its a tie lol both are near impossible to beat when they are not patch yet.

Quagmire3528d ago

Throw Azazel in the mix.

TXIDarkAvenger3525d ago

Which one is the bigger asswhole. xD

I had more trouble on Shao Kahn but seth was pretty tough.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3525d ago

Seth is a cheating butthole. Shao Khan is too but he isnt as panzy as Seth.

Theparanerds3525d ago

I agree At least when i Play Mortal Kombat I know that at some point within 10 minutes I will beat Shao Kahn, With Seth....It takes a lot longer

zeal0us3523d ago

seth goal to take over the world by taking fighters abilities and etc seem kinda lame compare to shao khan who just want to take earthrealm b/c he's an evil tyrant and don't really need to need a reason for doing so lol.