Gotham City Impostors will be Bats’ darkest hour

Gotham City Impostors may not be a true Batman game but it could signal the beginning of the end for our most revered superhero. Having mulled over the details Kapow Games are a little worried.

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sarshelyam3530d ago

I've been reading Batman comics for as long as my old man has been buying them, and buying them for me (growing up in the late 70's), and I'm sorry but Batman was never designed by Bob Kane to be this dark and gritty manic-depressive that millennium babies know him to be.

Batman was always edgy, sure, but there was always a bright and comic nature to his universe and Rogues Gallery that made him a bit more charming. While I certainly love what Rocksteady has done with the Batman games, Gotham City Imposter's is far more of a throwback to the original source material than anything on the market these days.

Damn kids!

Deanways3530d ago

Understood, but the real argument here is that someone dressed as Batman packing firearms goes against the morality of The Dark Knight.

I know when I first heard the news of Gotham City Impostors I was a little bit thrown.

Batman should at least make a cameo at the end of the game telling the kids: "Don't play with guns. Batman doesn't and neither should YOU!"

sarshelyam3530d ago

Detective Comics #867 - 870 say hello. This is completely relevant and more than appropriate.

Deanways3530d ago

@sarshelyam - Interesting indeed. Want to write about Batman for Kapow? In the words of Sir Alan Sugar, 'You're hired!'

sarshelyam3530d ago

Look Dean, I don't want to come off as attacking you or the site. That said, considering the specialty of the site one would think there'd be a bit more research done. I've read Kapow a few times here and there, and for the most part I've enjoyed what I've read. This article, however, seems a bit misplaced amongst the source material.

I don't think I'm being hyper-critical here, nor is Batman my favorite hero to a degree that I'd blindly defend him and the source. That aside, I think there may be a touch of sensationalism in the story title, wouldn't you say?

It just seems like the entire "opinion" is based purely on the content of the game itself, and not the source of the inspiration which, for a comic-book video game blog, seems to be contrary to the mission of the site.

Maybe I'm wrong...who knows. Either way, no hard feelings, just a bit nit-picky I suppose.

PSWe603530d ago

freakin' AWESOME!!!!!!