LOVEFiLM give £5 back to users following PSN outage

STN Writes:

LOVEFiLM is giving members £5 off their next payment, providing you are one of the members who watched a film on the PS3 in the month before the PSN went down.

When PSN went down users where unable to access the LOVEFiLM service, so this is the companies way of saying thanks for your patience we guess.

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Tired3532d ago

Yay! I watched an awful feels more like an apology for wasting that 2hrs of my life!

Turin3532d ago

Why should they apologise you pick the films. ;)

Static-X3532d ago

Nice. Doesn't one month of LoveFilm cost £5 anyway?

Turin3532d ago

Depends on what option you take. I get unlimited rentals with 2 disks at a time of DVD's, Blu-Rays or games for £14.99 per month. I don't think the £5 pound is an unlimited option and the PS3 can only be used with unlimited options so no £5 off I'm afraid. :(

CherryLu-Chan3532d ago

An outstanding company.
A fabulous gesture.

Very impressed.

mastiffchild3532d ago

Much as I'm usually the first toknock companies for shafting people(esp gamers)I, also, have to say that Lovefilm have been nothing short of brillinat for our family. We use them for film AND game rental(we rent titles we were on the fence about buying or that we weren't sure would have any replay vaue for us)and they've been great both on and offline.

This is typical of a firm who seem to know they are in a service industry and put getting their customers happy first. If we send a game back in the post on, say, Monday the next one comes through the door on Wednesday morning(as long as WE get our post away before collection ,natch)and the online film side has been pretty much exactly what they promised it to be as well.

For my games and movies I pay(IIRC)about £15 for four games and either the same or one less films per month and a five pound bonus is cool when this wasn't their fault in any way at all-they probably lost a bit through it i'd think.

Anyway, they're a great service for late adopters of systems(who have a lot of games in the library they haven't played)and anyone who loves games but, like myself and most people esp with kids,can't afford the time or cash to play all of them when they come out-and, naturally, they're great if you like films too. I think they're pretty reasonable, there's no ate fee for anything and you often have the choice of buying a hard copy if you fasll in love with a film or game.

I'm pleased to see them putting customers first again and hope they keep up the standard I've gotten used to-I can't fault them on anything at all so far and have been with them three years. I think they're pretty cheap as well for the service they offer.

CherryLu-Chan3532d ago

Likewise regarding games, or those months when money is a little tighter .. for the £3 or so's difference between the purely movie rental and the games as well - excellent.

The PS3 streaming service I adore. To have movies available for those moments when I can't sleep, or just fancy having a nosey and perhaps watch a film I might not normally have done .. quality.

PirateThom3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I have also had nothing but excellent service from them. I only took the trial initially when the PS3 service went active but it was so good, I kept it, and I make sure I give away all the "two weeks" or "one month" vouchers they send me. I use the 9.99 unlimited streaming/rentals service, no interest in game rentals.

A Blu-ray wouldn't work and they gave me a free movie credit, even though I'm on unlimited rentals anyway, so I could get two movies in one delivery to make up for it and also another two movie credits, just for enterting a quiz.

On the plus side, they're now owned by Amazon and I've had nothing but good service from Amazon as well, so it makes me happy two services I often used are under the same banner.

beeeffess3532d ago

Not really a good deal considering my subscription costs £10 per month.

I'm beginning to dislike lovefilm. Their online stream collection is terrible. I hate seeing that a movie I want to rent is by post only.

mastiffchild3532d ago

Their postal service is a lot better in terms of choice but, in fairness, they have started to get more and more films online and that will only continue to grow. To be truthful I think their postal services are better than streaming anyway and if you send one back Thursday you'd get the next one Saturday anyway so I usually just use that though I have used the streaming at times too. I do agree, though, that there could be more titles available online-it's about all I can complain about, though, and as i'm not that impatient I don't think it's a big deal-and even less if they keep improving choice.