Microsoft Taiwan: No 360 HD-DVD Add-Ons for Asia

At the end of the year, Microsoft is scheduled to release an external HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 to compete with the PLAYSTATION 3's Blu-ray capabilities. Microsoft Taiwan has apparently said the HD-DVD player for the 360 won't be released in Asia. Says tech site DigiTimes Systems:

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BIadestarX5871d ago

Microsoft is getting smart. Why release these add-ons when the xbox is not selling well when the general public is bias against western products (please don't mention damn mcdonals or the IPOD). We don't want to have a shortage in the states in november while they are collecting dust in japan or asia. Besides which country is the most important market for movies? Japan? lol. If HD-DVD wins the war in the usa it will win in the whole world.

Marriot VP5871d ago

And who cares about HD movies....NOBODY

The PS3 made a big mistake, but it'll still sell well. Probably tie with the 360.

Microsoft Master5870d ago

I care about HD movies. And i don't think i'm in the minority either.

DJ5870d ago

=P j/k...sorta. Do you have any proof that Asia is biased against western products? I mean, American films do extremely well overseas so it's not like they hate us or something.

If they don't like the Xbox and Xbox 360, so be it. If the majority of them don't think the system's good enough, they're simply exercising their rights as consumers. Nothing more. PS3 has HD movie playback built in, which is great since consumers prefer to get everything in one cohesive package.

I have an HDTV, so I definitely want Blu-ray movies. Sadly, Microsoft doesn't offer a Blu-ray player addon, which completely abandons consumers who prefer that format. They should offer more choice and allow people the get whichever format they prefer instead of muscling in a single format, and an inferior one at that.

We'll see if they change their minds later after the PS3 launch.

TheMART5870d ago

You own a 720p HDTV or a NATIVE 1080p one?

noSpecialCharsAllowd5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

Why release these add-ons when the xbox is not selling well when the general public is bias against western products (please don't mention damn mcdonals or the IPOD).

i agree microsoft is smart on not releasing hddvd add on.. biased against american made product, then u would not include ipod.. or mc?
hmm. they succeed but ms fail.. y u may ask.. ans is simple.. ipod is an mp3 player thats being perceived worldwide as "cool".. the basic function is an mp3 player.. now, every1 could benefit from an mp3 player, so it caters to every1.. U tink Mcdonalds everywhere has the same menU? u got to travel friend... they cater to the region they are in.. in asia, they have "rendang burger".. im sure u don have that do u? its all about catering to taste, ppl dont usually gives a damn who made it.. they give a damn only if it benefits them.. now y xbox fail? most likely bcoz of xbox 1.. their games cater to western taste.. thats y.. xbox was made with western taste in mind.. even the controllers were big.. then they came out with the smaller version which was already a bit too late..

The 360 is a powerful machine, and i do see effort put in by microsoft to try and win the asian gamers by giving games that cater to them.. the reason y it fail because ppl have been disappointed once thats y.. just like most ppl have been disappointed wit sony lies...

U mite argue, but hey.. u don noe asians like i do...

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