GamerGaia: World of Darkness Online Preview

As the name suggests, World of Darkness Online (WODO) will have the setting of Vampire. The real question was, whether if it would be based on the old or the new one. Everyone thought that they would base it on the next generation of game worlds but White Wolf and CCP decided to go for Vampire: The Masquerade. Going for an old setting may raise a few questions but The Masquerade setting is still the most appealing one for the fans and it was the logical choice. I am quite happy about this, to be sincere. The last time we had the chance to visit The Masquerade world was with Troika's “Vampire: Bloodlines”. That was also a great game. Sadly, it wasn't enough to save Troika's downfall.

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frozzenfire2806d ago

According to CCP, the game will have a much bigger audience when compared to EVE Online. I play CCP all the time and CCP did a really nice job on that so thought I would preview Darkness Online.

goodguyswin2806d ago

I hope the maturity and seriousness of this game stays in place.

ares21al2804d ago

This will be an interesting game I bet