L.A. Noire Review (PlanetXbox360)

Rockstar Games never ceases to amaze when it comes to gameplay experiences that truly draw you in. The Grand Theft Auto games speak volumes in themselves, particularly Vice City and GTA IV. Manhunt was pretty engrossing as well, with more emphasis on the “gross”. And last year’s Red Dead Redemption was a superb example of how to create authentic Western atmosphere and combine it with modern gameplay mechanics. Now we have L.A. Noire, the latest from Rockstar and its studio at Team Bondi. But if you’re expecting this game to be a Grand Theft Auto for the 1940’s, you might be in for some slight disappointment. While the open, sprawling world of Los Angeles may appear wide open, you’ve actually got a lot on your plate, though you can still go nuts in the street if that’s what kind of day you’re in the mood for.

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