Exclusive: Public hands-on of Ps3's Haze at GameCity

Exclusive demo of PS3 title playable this week

GameCity is offering attendees the chance to play an exclusive demo of Ubisoft and Free Radical Design's hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 shooter Haze this week.

The world exclusive demo will be free to play at the Broadway Centre on Nottingham, October 27, from 11am until 1 pm.

Haze isn't the only game that will get an exclusive public session this week. Traveller's Tales' Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for the Wii will be hands-on at GameCity – a world exclusive for the growing UK festival.

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marinelife94040d ago

Didn't someone else say that the Haze demo wasn't very good.

THC CELL4040d ago

i mean who ever is going to play this this week is lucky

this game is in my top 3 wish list and i cant wait

WafflesID4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )


You trolling there? Or do you have some actual sources that back that statement up?


See Also "The Cavuto" :)

A tactic also used to pass absolute crap as "news" here on this site.

lynx1halo4040d ago

but for some reason i have a feeling this will be delayed

stuntman_mike4040d ago

lucky nottingham, nothing in london as usual.

DolphGB4040d ago

But you do get EA at Trafalgar Square showing off their wares, plus other developers/publishers are doing demos too...

DolphGB4040d ago

...that whilst I'll be in Nottingham, I've just heard that Jade Raymond will be at London's HMV in Oxford Street on Saturday. Another stalking opportunity missed...

DolphGB4040d ago

PS3 Attitude will be in Nottingham covering this and all the other key stuff at GameCity - can't wait (especially Takahashi's keynote speech on Saturday...)

Sevir044040d ago

i cant wait. i figured as mush that this demo will be the same one dropping on the PSN been now and the 16 of Nov.

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