The first Witcher 2 patch to arrive next week

TVGB: "The first set of band-aids for CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be unleashed next week, the developer has announced today."

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joydestroy3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

yay! hopefully this will bring inverted mouse controls and some glitch fixes!

edit: yep that's exactly what some of the release "details" say =D

Bounkass3536d ago

Just make a good game in the first place...

chak_3536d ago


someone is mad for not having a console release

BeastlyRig3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

lol console kid shut it!

go play one of ur yearly rehashes!

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stuntman_mike3536d ago

they wont need to do much maybe a bit more stabilty on the frame rate and also ive been using the 360 pad to play so far (its well suited to it) and now and again the block button and use items button (RT, RB) doesnt work during combat. also they could change it so you can use potions on the fly and not when you meditate, but i am still on the beginning of the game (prison).

chak_3536d ago

drinking out of combat is a gamedesign choice.

pr0digyZA3536d ago

Yup that was on purpose, they didn't want you stopping in the middle of someone swinging a sword at you for a drink. They want you to plan everything before hand, whether it be drinking buff potions or oils on your sword or levelling up weapons and armour.

yamzilla3536d ago

This game is a solid 97/100 no doubt

mass effect1,2
dragon age1,2

all are so far beneath this game it is not even funny,

the only games released in recent history that come even close to the glory of The Witcher 2 are oblivion, demons souls, and Baldurs Gate 2 Shaow of amn

but honestly, the witcher 2 is still better than those

and the graphics, the graphics are freaking INSANE of my rig, it is the first game i have seen that makes metro2033 in dx11 running in 1080p look a year or two old!!

Kudos CDProjeckt
You guys are what bioware should hope to be when they grow up

joydestroy3536d ago

iunno about it making Metro look a little old lol maybe i need to up mine to Ultra settings. right now i just run on high @ 1080p.

but yeah, stellar game no doubt. def a 90+ rating easily. CDP Red did an amazing job with it. time to go play! =D