LGG: L.A Noire Review A breath of fresh air for the gaming industry

L.A Noire offers a rich, immersive experience that no other video game can offer. Not only that, but L.A Noire takes the video game industry to the next level with this violent crime thriller masterpiece.

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gillri2762d ago

another awesome review

Chuk52762d ago

Agreed. Especially with the sequel machine this year is becoming.

xPhearR3dx2762d ago

Yup. It's always nice when a new IP comes along, but L.A Noire takes it over the top and provides something most IPs don't Originality.

b_one2762d ago

"A breath of fresh air for the gaming industry" - new trend, overheat players consoles to make them buy new ones ;D

but jokes aside...

dear Rockstar.... not nice move to blame on Sony.
and game itself... pretty much upgraded GTA + HR + Adventure game...

xPhearR3dx2762d ago

"and game itself... pretty much upgraded GTA + HR + Adventure game..."

I think you've missed the point of this game entirely.

stealth500k2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

yeah it only took 7 fucking years to make with multiple delays with a budget of 50+ million. In terms of the industry it sets a really bad precident. As a singular game its a good game.

gillri2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

not if it sells well, which its guaranteed to do I reckon about 3/4 million

I hope more devleopers do something different and realise not all gamers want sandbox crime games or shooting galllery military shooters

Headquarters112762d ago

Its boring OVERRATED and repetitive. WOW can't believe these perfect reviews.

sack_boi2762d ago

Let this be a lesson bro; never trust reviews. Watch gameplays on or Youtube and if you like what you see then go for it.
Most reviews are just written advertisements for games now.

Chuk52762d ago

You have to know what you're getting into before you slap down your 60. Don't blame all reviewers, there are some truly great writers in the industry. As for L.A Noire, it's not for everyone.

xPhearR3dx2762d ago

Like I said in my review.

"L.A Noire requires a few things most games don’t. Thinking, patience, brainstorming, and puzzle solving. "

You're right, it's not a game for everyone and I believe the main reason behind that is because people can't grasp those things I've listed above. L.A Noire is a mature game, it's not something you just "pick up and play" because of all the attention needed in order to successfully play and enjoy this game. I think the more mature adults will appreciate L.A Noire and have a better time with it than the kiddies who like to shoot up everything all day.

RedDevils2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

to be honest this game is not for 9 years old kids, as they tense to go berserk and shoot everything they see or ran over whoever they like, no this game is about patient and you need to think, is like watching a detective movies

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