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Emilio_Estevez3532d ago

Looks generic, but they have lots of time still.

lastdual3532d ago

Generic? They're going for hyper-realism, not stylized art.

evrfighter3532d ago

Lol generic

Bet he plays socom and thinks its the best military sim evAr!!!!!111!

fatalred alarm3532d ago

I don't think he ever played arma.
It is indeed one of the most realistic games i ever played, both frustrating and fun.

Geralt3532d ago

Generic? LOL. You haven't played ARMA have you?

F4sterTh4nFTL3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Tell me how many games on PS3 look like ArmA series, 2 maybe 3. There are 50+ games that look as generic as Killzone 2 & 3 on consoles and PC.

Emilio_Estevez3532d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

No, I haven't played it, but it still looks generic. And I haven't played Socom in years, don't have KZ3....Wow, tough crowd here. Your assumptions are just that, assumptions. And it's just an opinion, no need to act like a bunch of elitists. And I obviously have a PC so maybe if you a-holes would actually say something to make me want it instead of just assuming I'm comparing it to something elsee I would try it. B/c, as you can see in my original comment, I didn't compare it to anything. And I don't have to play it to say these screens look generic. They are really bland, absolutely nothing that stands out. It looks very good and real, but still generic.
@ beastly - Halo/COD sucks - I prefer BFBC

See below- that vid from beastly was good. Those screens do no justice to the gameplay whatsever. Instead of insulting/talking smack why don't you provide something that counterpoints what I'm saying. Like he did with the vid

BeastlyRig3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )


This is more battlefield even more than battlefield!

RedDead3531d ago

Basically, it is the most realistic Fps available, despite sometimes being awkward and...can't explain about the npc's can't speak like humans. Everything else is just about hyper realism really, Battlefield for example, is NOT realistic, it's sort of somewhere in the middle, Operation FP, DR and Red river are quite realistic but still not as realistic as this, the original Operation Flashpoint game for Pc only belongs to the crowd who make Arma.

So in answer to your 'generic''s looks extremely generic because it's not trying to look different, it tries to look real. Which it does, it's gameplay is as close to real combat you'll get...without real combat of course

LightofDarkness3531d ago

Didn't you essentially come in here making an elitist comment based on a laughably incorrect assumption? "Looks generic" implies "been there, done that, I'm obviously too cultured for something so bland", while saying "but they have of time still" implies "it does not yet meet my lofty superficial standards, but maybe it might if they try hard enough."

There's no point going all defensive, pointing fingers and lamenting the righteous indignation of it all. All you had to do was either a)not comment as a silent indicator that you realise you were wrong; or b)just say "oh sorry then, guess I was wrong about that/my little critique doesn't apply here." You could even go on to say it's still not your type of game if you want. Man, why can't people just admit they were wrong anymore...

BeastlyRig3532d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

go play halo then!

Convas3531d ago

What the hell? Why bring up Halo? It's about as far from Hyper-Realism as you can get.

awiseman3531d ago

Halo is anything but generic, what other game out there looks and plays like it? Thats right, Nothing.

It isnt hyper realistic. Its just plain fun and balanced.

3531d ago
ATiElite3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Well NO Sh!t...... did you see the system requirements and those screen shots?

I'm so speechless right now as those graphics are AMAZING and they are not even CLOSE to being finished. The amount of processor power going towards A.I., physics, ballistics, and all the other REAL-Time events must be insane if you need that much power.

This Sunday's Arma II Lan party won't be the same. Most likely will just sit there foaming at the mouth over these pics.

Edit...I see a lot of post talking about "I rather play Halo or BFBC2" that's all fine and dandy but this is the ARMA series which is a Military Simulator and not your typical shooter. this is "almost" and very "similar" to what The Pentagon uses for some of it's electronic virtual troop training. Basically this is as real as it gets while sitting on the couch.

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JsonHenry3532d ago

This is probably one of the most realistic looking games I have ever laid eyes on.

St03532d ago

Why didn't they just update Arma 2 with the new map & textures, graphics look about the same

Stewie2k83532d ago

ok ok now im upgrading my pc.

kookie3532d ago

Wow nice, arma 2 was awesome

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