The Witcher 2 review - 89% in PC Gamer

The fact that the 89 percent stamped at the bottom of PC Gamer's Witcher 2 review is comparatively lower than the reviews that have emerged to date demonstrates just how well the RPG has been received.

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gillri3530d ago

Great score, will pick this up after LA Noire

reznik_zerosum3530d ago

Guys dont listen to PC Gamer they gave 94% to fucking Dragon Age 2,and Witcher 2 is 100 times better game,DA2 was waste of money (first day DLC FFS) !

schlanz3529d ago

Wow.. how could they give DA2 a 94%, I mean, I enjoyed the game but its far from that... 8 at best.

Witcher 2 is just leagues ahead of DA2 in every respect. 89% does seem just a tad low, good score but this isn't a good game; its better than that.

frelyler3530d ago

Just beware there are a lot of hiccups to getting the game installed and running. I picked it up tuesday and just got it installed and working last night. Cfc errors, optimization. Look online for problems people are having. Buy the steam version as it seems to have the fewest issues. Still and in redibly deep and awesome game though.

toaster3530d ago

Preloaded with GoG, didn't have any problems. The game is a bit buggy but overall so far it's been amazing. Easily one of my favorite RPGs of all time now, surpassing only the original.

KeiserSosay47883530d ago

Installed from Steam, no issues whatsoever getting the game to run. While there are a few bugs here and there, it is definitely the best RPG i've played in awhile.

frelyler3530d ago

This comment section is so stupid with the agree disagree. I state facts about the retail version and someone disagrees. I'll say it again, if you hit the disagree you should have to articulate your reason.

@toaster and KeiserSosay4788

exactly, that is why I said to go with the digital version. I should have been more clear and stated it's the retail version with issues. Yes people this game is awesome.

yamzilla3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

installed for me and brother and two friends(we all went and picked it up at midnight) it installed and has been working since for all of us FLAWLESSLY. Not saying your lying or not having problems, but there is a chance it could be user error, i was playing a different game while it installed in the backround(starcraft 2:)

note i bought the bestbuy retail edition, my brother works there and we all got it for $40:)

Side note, The Witcher 2 is, without question, the best rpg i have ever played, the graphics are better than any game i have ever seen EVER. I am a giant graphicswhore and this is better than ANYTHING to ever come out. It makes Crysis 1 look like SHIT. It Blows Metro2033 DX11 out of the water.

Gameplay, it makes mass effect and dragon age look like angry birds, it is so much more deep and complex and beautiful

Best RPG Ever MADE!!

Substance1013530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

arite its a good looking game i am personally a PC gamer only and i am a graphics whore too. but i wouldnt say it blows crysis or metro out of the water. all of them are great looking games.

Agreed its the best rpg ever made ;-) loving every moment of it.

frelyler3530d ago

I bought mine from best buy. The problem A LOT of people are having is getting a cab2 file to transfer to their computer, no user error here I know what I am doing. It has to do with people's optical drives not being able to read the disc. Look it up online. I had to copy the cab2 file from disc 1 onto an old laptop, then using a thumb drive I had convert it to NTSF format instead of FAT32 so it would copy using the command prompt by hitting CTRL+ R and typing, convert F: /fs:ntfs . Once I was able to copy it to the thumb drive I was able to copy it to my computer. I then transferred the rest of the disk onto my PC into another folder and ran set up from the folder. It was a huge headache and I wanted to return and buy the digital version, but best buy can't refund open software. To anyone else experiencing the CRC error try the above fix, some people may even be able to transfer it to the desktop by also making sure their HDD is NTSF and not FAT32, use the command prompt I gave above but substitute the F for whatever your HDD is.

stuntman_mike3530d ago

I bought the retail version it installed and it runs excellent haven't had any problems.

As for the game it is the best RPG I've played in a long time, the fighting system is more like a proper third person hack and slash with a bit more depth (it feels like it should have been on consoles too) which is excellent this game shows what dragon age 2 should have been. the graphic are stunning their are still a few bugs here and there but knowing CDProjekt they wont rest on their laurels and let them go untouched.

I recommend all PC gamers go and buy it it what the PC has been crying out for. If you aint got a PC go build one for this.

pr0digyZA3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Same works perfectly, my retail copy no issues dlc downloaded fine even on my 8800gtx the game is running on high even with SSAO and shadows at ultra, texture at largest the only thing that's really off is that ubersampling as that makes me go down to 10fps. For some reason I have noticed my 8800 seems to run better than it should, must have got lucky.

stuntman_mike3528d ago

honestly I think the game is really well optimised for PC.

chak_3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )


This deserve something between 95 and 100 frankly.

Only the QTE boxing annoy me, everything else is just a gem

Pandamobile3530d ago

Well, it's PC Gamer, who is usually pretty harsh on games. Only REALLY good games get stuff above 85%. 89% in PCG is incredibly good.

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