Shadows of the Damned hands-on preview: 5 reasons video games now have their Evil Dead

Gamesradar- "It’s hard to get a handle on Shadows of the Damned at first. Its gameplay is sort of familiar, but not. Its tone is reminiscent of various things, but very few of them from within the sphere of gaming. Grindhouse movies. Loony Tunes cartoons. Garish surrealist art. Hieronymous Bosch. All spring to mind at various points.

But beyond those elements, there’s the all-pervading sense that the whole production reminds you of something very specific. Something brilliant and fun and unique that you know well, but that you just can’t put your finger on. But then suddenly it clicks and everything makes sense. The Evil Dead trilogy. In terms of tone, execution, approach to comedy, horror, action and splatter, in terms of the exact kind of deranged, rollercoaster fun you can expect from it, Shadows of the Damned is like the non-identical video game twin brother of Sam Raimi’s classic movie trilogy. And here’s why it needs to be on your radar."

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