New RAGE trailer is downright weird

TVGB: "This latest Rage video is unexpected to say the least. Watch as NBA man Blake Griffin does his best to get into the fall-bound id Software shooter."

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RudeSole Devil2771d ago

haahha that's funny stuff right there!

MaxOpower2771d ago

Thats awful, and way too American!

NIRVANArazor2771d ago

What the heck does that even mean??

MaxOpower2771d ago

Means that it's designed for an American audience, and as a non-American I didn't get half the jokes, or maybe it's because I know nothing of Basketball

Nolando2771d ago

Maybe its an american commercial... i mean isnt id an american software company? correct me if im wrong.


i didnt know there was anything wrong with region specific commercials? next time I see a wierd japanese commercial on the internet i will say, thats awful and way too japanese!

MidnytRain2771d ago

Rage is devoloped by an American studio.

BlackHairyTongue2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Don't know why you got flack for what you said. You're not American, so it's understandable that you wouldn't understand the jokes.

Blake Griffin is an American basketball player. He won rookie of the year this year and is most known for his powerful dunks. He also won the dunk contest this year by jumping over a car, hence the tiger dunk.

I don't know if this means he's a gamer or not, but it was a sweet commercial and he has a lot promise to be an NBA star/already is one kind of.

meetajhu2771d ago

John Carmack + Idsoftware = WIN WIN!

jjohan352771d ago

John Carmack is a technical genius but he isn't the best game designer. While at ID software he heavily relied on his co-founders to take care of the game design. I hope he realizes his own weakness and has given some responsibility of the game design to his team.

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The story is too old to be commented.