Modern Warfare 3 Pre-Orders 'Flowing In'

An analyst at Cowen and Company has stated that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's pre-orders are coming in thick and fast - even faster than the previous two.

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fozzness3536d ago

I don't even have MW 1 or 2 yet!!!... sigh... games come out too fast.

FunAndGun3536d ago

It's ok, you played one MW game, you played them all. ;)

LiamIRL823536d ago

These people have learned nothing. They are like sheep going back to the same old thing over and over again. Pre-order Battlefield 3 or Gear Of War 3 instead.

mephman3536d ago

Battlefield 3 for me. Black Ops was too much of a bad experience.

news4geeks3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

ye black ops is a 6/10 game at best(multiplayer wise) but once something's popular, quality goes out the window as a reason for buying.

midgard2273536d ago

yeah people just get obsessed with playing what everyone is playing, its sad, Im eagerly awaiting dark souls and uncharted 3 more than anything this year

KeiserSosay47883536d ago

Hell yeah! Dark souls, bf3 and skyrim for me.

sack_boi3536d ago

Hate all you want.
Call the game crap if you want
Praise BF all you want.
In the end, people are still going to prefer Call of Duty.

They might buy BF, but the'll drop it fast and go back to Call of Duty. Just look at the games that top XBL; BF is at the bottom (even lower that CoD 4).

Finally, the game may look like shit, but it's fast (60fps) and fun; meaning most people care more about fun than graphics. Peace

Zynga3536d ago

Well said buddy! Its all about the gameplay and this is why COD sells so much.

NukaCola3536d ago

COD is that safe haven that everyone will return too. We hate it for many reasons: noobs owning pros, too casual of a shooter, etc. But the fact is until people get used to another shooter enough to cling to that, this is what it is. Once something scares/disappoints/shows change in another shooter, people run back to what they are most comfortable with. hate on it, but the best way to wean people off of COD is to add those elements into other shooters and allow them to grow out of COD. Part of BRINK being kicked on is truly because it's so original that COD fans can't grasp it. That is why you get perks in shooters, or why they relax the controls in Killzone 3, or why MoH Teir One was made. They are trying get those fans. Just do your part and support the new games. I don't hate COD, I just see it as it is. Like Guitar Hero, after a while people will get bored and something bigger will overtake it. I get the game play the story, play online a bit and then move on. If you abandon everything else for COD and not diversify your gaming time, then that is on you. Then you have no reason to complain. You all want a tip, just rent it. Play the campaign, play a little bit online, then focus on Battlefield 3, or Resistance 3, or Gears 3, Uncharted 3, etc.

SpOrkyE3536d ago

you r right gameplay is much better than graphic

chak_3536d ago

This could just be communication to make people confident.

Could be the exact opposite in fact

soundslike3536d ago

You haven't

Forget MW3, pre-ordering in general is getting out of hand.

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The story is too old to be commented.