Recreational Gamers: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Xbox 360 Review

Fans of the LEGO series are in for another treat with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, as they have a new and enriched world to explore with all four movies included on the disc. I loved playing this latest LEGO game and really enjoyed the straightforward approach and the simpler puzzles that kept me venturing through. The comedic tone to the game is exactly what I expected from this title and it keeps the game family friendly and available to all ages with puzzles to solve, great gags to watch, and some addictive gameplay including two player co-op.

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fl1pp133529d ago

I'm really enjoying this one. Lego and Pirates of the Caribbean is the perfect combination for a good game.

tigertron3529d ago

I downloaded the demo and I enjoyed it. I haven't played a Lego game since the first Star Wars game on the PS2.

I saw the 4th film a couple of days ago and enjoyed it.