PlayStation 3: 12 All-New HD 720p Videos

Sony has faced a bit of criticsm about its lack of playable PlayStation 3 games on the public showfloor of the Games Convention in Germany last week, but contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, it wasn't all "same-old, same-old".

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achira5871d ago

very hot and amazing vids.

Boink5871d ago

not bad, but I still don't see 800$ worth...

achira5871d ago

800 bucks ?????? buy the small version if you have not enough money, this will cost you 500 bucks + 60 bucks for a game, this are not 800 bucks. if you have not much money you should not buy the expensive one. its the same like you dont buy a ferrari if you have not enough money.

wakkiwakko5871d ago

It's not even worth the 500 price tag. :D

TheMART5871d ago

No Achira. It's just like with the 360.

No one buys the core version. Everyone will get the more expensive version because it's 'only' 100 extra and look what they cut for that 100.

It's marketing. They cut so much on the 100 cheaper model that it's psychological warfare.
The core won't sell. Simpel.

If you have 500 to burn, you'll burn 600.

So it'll cost you 600 + you get an extra controller+ you get at least two games (PS2 had an attach rate of 1.9 game I expect no console do less).

1 controller: 60 Euro/dollar
2 games of 80 dollar/euro: 160 dollar/euro

total: 600+60+160= 820 dollar/euro

zypher5870d ago (Edited 5870d ago )

until we learn something more concrete, there's really no reason to assume that games/accessories for the PS3 will cost any more than for the 360. 2 games at $60 a pop, and an extra controller at $50 amounts to $170; in addition to the $600 (plus tax) you're looking at about $790. in comparison, you have the (40 gig less hard-drive space) premium 360 at roughly $420 w/tax, $50 for a controller and $120 for two games, totalling $590, for a difference STILL of $200. if you're willing to admit that at least $100 is justified by a three-times larger hard-drive, wireless internet, and superior HD capabilities, then all you have to convince yourself about is the blu-ray. guess thats really the question.

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PS360PCROCKS5871d ago

While I still think what they're are showing for Lair is complete CGI, I will admit I have never been jealous of the PS3, but today I am, just cause I want that Lair game, that looks sick as hell...

zypher5871d ago

here's a link to an image of Lair. as you can see, the HUD in the upper left hand corner of the screen should prove that its actual game play.

wakkiwakko5871d ago

There were several scenes in the lair trailer that were ingame.

THE TRUTH5871d ago

Factor 5 is really really talented!! I can't wait to get my hands on it! It will be playable at TGS so we will have all of our questions answered then

JIN KAZAMA 1875871d ago

PS3 is delivering all the goods. I cant wait till Nov.17th, its gonna be awesome.

By the Way, Boink is TheRealDeal

Bill Gates5871d ago

I really do feel sorry for the real deal. that kid must have no life what so ever. how can someone that owns "all" 360 games, "6" xbox 360's, has played over 80 hrs of oblivion, and works for a "record company", find time to be the #1 comment poster on this site, and still say he love's his 360? word....LOSER..hahahaha

welcome CHANG3

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