Attention Sony Whiners: Shut Up

Chris Kemp calls everyone on the internet stupid...

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Uncharted3Goty2708d ago

he has a point heres why

1.First People where complaing that PSN was down and that no one can play online.Now that its back there complaing about the welcome back package.

2.Sony did the best they can PSN is back isnt it and if its not then it should be back where ever you are soon.

3. these one isnt a point but it seems People find whatever they can to complain about.

Joni-Ice2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

So true. It seems like every other day its something new to complain about Sony.
E3 is right around the corner and believe me, people will find something to complain about their conference.

Boody-Bandit2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

But the problem here is who are really complaining about this whole scenario? I personally know hundreds of PS3 consumers and a fair amount of them are PS+ subscribers.

The only thing I got from any of them during this outage was anger towards the hackers and hoping Sony could get PSN back up as fast but secure as possible. Not one of the people I know freaked and went ballistic, called their banks and cancelled their cards, blamed Sony for any of this in any way, nor do they care about the free offerings.

If anything they are all just happy it's back up and running and they can resume their online gaming. I still have yet to take advantage of Sonys welcome back gifts and I'm not sure I will. I have plenty of games to play already and I don't feel they owe me jack squat but appreciate them offering those games.

We know who are really the driving force behind the whining and stealth trolling. Let's keep it real and be brutally honest here. It's sites looking for hits and opposition fan base pretending they are PS3 fans.

No I'm not a blind idiot. I'm sure some of these complaints were coming from PS3 consumers but my honest opinion is most of them weren't.

the_best_player2708d ago

most likey the 360 trolls saying crap even if they don't own a PS3

Scary692708d ago

I think it's a better deal then the 360 got when their network went down. Heh

Kee2708d ago

Point number 3.... is just human beings (not just internet people).

This guy needs to take a step outside his mom's basement and find out that people outside are exactly the same, just complaining about different subjects like... the weather, football, money, work, life... etc etc etc....

Krimson-Rage2708d ago

And if he wrote on a website related to "football, money, work, life... etc etc etc" he'd probably call those tools out as well.

DA_SHREDDER2708d ago

i haven't seen anyone complain anywhere besides on N4G. So um, go eat a big one Mr. Kemp.

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scotchmouth2708d ago

Chris Kemp calls everyone on the internet stupid and does so, ironically, by utilizing the internet. This article is just a rehash of the whole "be grateful for what you are getting".

Emilio_Estevez2708d ago

For the complainers:
If you have all games just DL the most expensive ones and then sell the reatail versions for $!

Kee2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

But who's going to buy it if you can get it for free? Not that I'm a complainer, but that is no solution to the problem.

EDIT: @DrStabwounds No, I agree, the package is more than enough to compensate for the outage but if people already have all 5 of those games they're screwed (some of them are just download only titles).

Luckily, there are 2 games there that I haven't played so I'm quite happy with the package. Plus I'll get my ps plus month back as well as a free month of plus.

None of that will stop the haters from hating, though, i assure you.

Emilio_Estevez2708d ago

They'll still give you a few bucks at retail. And the games are FREE! You can't complain about free! It's not like that's all either, 1(2 if u have it already) month of ps+, 1 month quirosity, movie rentals and 100 home items. Also, your FREE network is back. All these people feel so entitled for no reason whatsoever. They just come off spoiled and childish.

Old McGroin2708d ago

Let the retailers worry about who's gonna buy it, if you can get cash then get the cash! Although,on the other hand, if I was a retailer I would put a ban on my store accepting any of the games on offer. Hmmm.

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