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GS Writes: "On the 5th episode, the awesome duo are a few special guests short, but we more than make up for it with a thorough yet non-spoiler discussion of LA Noire. The entire podcast was somber due to a slow week in gaming. We run down the usual weekly news, whats been rocking on the TV screen."

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gcolley2709d ago

the perfect website for such a comment

Pixel_Enemy2709d ago

This article actually makes me feel sick to my stomach..

MintBerryCrunch2709d ago

read the most recent comment on the about a troll

Der_Kommandant2709d ago

I Hope Call of Duty Players Die by Overdose

Pixel_Enemy2709d ago

While playing "Overgrown" after purchasing it yet again in a DLC that costs $15 while the map sits on a disk that's 2 feet away from their console.

Otheros002709d ago

I choose death. Anything is better than call of dooty.

Ducky2709d ago

You could've been wittier if you said that nothing was better than call of duty.

i.e., you'd rather have nothing than have call of duty

Oh wells. Maybe you can use it next time you hate on it.

Otheros002709d ago

Yes, I'd rather have nothing than cod. Cod is hyped to the end of the universe and delivers less than half a atom.

Hmm... Might have exaggerated that last sentence a little too much.

SpLinT2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

whats great about it? tell me please. someone

Ducky2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It's fun to play for a lot of people.
That's about it.

... Did anyone actually listen to the podcast? O.o

rodiabloalmeida2709d ago

Gimme Death, please. On the rocks.

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