Revamped Call of Duty official website-Modern Warfare 3 added along with a 'Connect' feature.

Activision has fully revamped the Official Call of Duty website including the highly anticipated sequel Modern Warfare 3 along with an interactive map displaying the four cities shown in the teaser videos released last weekend as the game is due out this Fall.
The ‘Connect’ feature on the website allows fans to connect to the game’s various social media presences, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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crackerjack73733528d ago

Pretty cool I guess, but Black ops had the connect feature first with youtube, but I guess they've expanded it somewhat

the_best_player3528d ago

Another recycled boring COD game incoming

shreeveera3528d ago

From all the leaked screenshots the weapons already seem recycled and nothing ground breaking.
The KILLSTREAKS,Wager matches and PERKS will decide the multiplayer freshness.

LoneWanderer093528d ago

I think am just going to pre-order to get the Giant Poster you get when you pre-order, but am not going to be picking up for the game. 5 dollars for a nice looking poster is not bad at all. Hahaha